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*" A state legislator wants to dump a 19th-century law banning the sale of yellow margarine, though it's been years since any violator was ordered to spread 'em."* - scsu1975


Ha! Listening to old radio programs sponsored by Kraft Foods, the promos for Parkay Margarine make mention of Parkay being available in white sticks or yellow sticks - in those states whose laws allow the sale of colored margarine. I guess the dairy farmers didn't want anything on the store shelves that looked like real butter or could be confused with being real butter. I also think margarine was the only spread easily available during the war. Butter mostly went to the troops while margarine was available in the U.S. It also "cost" fewer ration points to get the "100% Natural Spread" in place of real butter.


But I didn't know margarine had been around so long. 1895? Wow!


Kyle In Hollywood

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> {quote:title=hlywdkjk wrote:}{quote}

> Let me help.


> Andy_Devine_in_A_Star_is_Born.jpg


> Kyle In Hollywood

















































































































































Thank you, Kyle!

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> {quote:title=Fedya wrote:}{quote}

> > {quote:title=lzcutter wrote:}{quote}

> > *Or maybe he was picturing Herschel:*

> >

> > What's next? Carol Channing????????????

> [Why not?|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsGsF8oGRkc]


My ears, my ears!

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> {quote:title=bOb39 wrote:}{quote}

> LOL. scsu and bronxgirl, thanks for starting my day with a laugh. :):):)















As Dr. Sidney Melnick would say (and I'm sure JackFavell would agree): A little buttered toast, it couldn't hurt."

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