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Hal Leroy


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I'm with you on this one. Mainly because my favorite WB songwriting staffers are well-represented on most of his shorts. But to answer your question, a handful of them are out on various dvds, though I'd love to see them all collected together, like the Joe McDoakes set. The ones that are out on dvd most likely say so in their IMDb listings. You might want to check that out. Good luck in your search.



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Just made a quick check:


Public Jitterbug No. 1 (1939) -- The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle dvd

The Knight Is Young (1938) -- Best Foot Forward dvd

The Prisoner of Swing (1938) -- The Dawn Patrol dvd

Ups and Downs (1937) -- Stage Door dvd

Rhythmitis (1936) -- The Petrified Forest dvd

Main Street Follies (1935) -- Annie Oakley dvd

Use Your Imagination (1933) -- The Little Giant dvd


That's a good group right there. Hope it helps!



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Just wanted to say thanks to TCM for a job well done in presenting not only Private Lessons, which I hadn't seen on TCM for years, but for airing Mitzi Mayfair's The Policy Girl.


I'm even more excited to see a Hal Le Roy on the schedule that I've never seen at all -- Picture Palace -- this Thursday afternoon.


Well done, TCM, keep the rarities coming! Especially the Vitaphones!



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I'm sure you'll enjoy PICTURE PALACE, especially if you liked PRIVATE LESSONS. They both feature the real Dawn O'Day (not Anne Shirley). I'm a big fan of hers...wish she made more films.



By the way, if you hadn't yet noticed, the latest Vitaphone Newsletter is posted.

Go here and then click on Vol. 12 #2.



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Looks like TCM's showing a Hal Le Roy that hasn't been played in years -- Wash Your Step, on May 1 at 5:30am -- but only in Canada!


As someone who more than once has requested Wash Your Step on the "Suggest a Movie" page, this is pretty tough to take. I sure hope TCM finds a way to air it here in the States, because it's one of the Hal Le Roys that's not available on dvd.


The TCM shorts programmer's been doing a great job with the Traveltalks and Charley Chase (and other Hal Roach) shorts. Hopefully we''ll be able to see this and other underplayed Hal Le Roys some time soon, like The Way of All Freshmen (1933), In the Spotlight (1935) and Oh! Evaline (1935).

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In keeping with Yancey's list over in the FitzPatrick Traveltalk thread, here's a list of Hal Le Roy shorts that haven't been shown on TCM in years, if ever (titles are from the IMDb):


  1. The High School Hoofer (1931)
  2. The Way of All Freshman (1933)
  3. Syncopated City (1934)
  4. In the Spotlight (1935)
  5. Oh, Evaline! (1935)
  6. Wash Your Step (1936)
  7. Swing for Sale (1937)


Hal Le Roy fans would be thrilled if any of these rarely seen shorts were to be aired. How about it, TCM?

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