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individual film passes?


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*"As someone who is poor, but loves TCM, and lives nearby anyway, I was wondering if individual film passes will be available?"* - LonesomePolecat


Hello LP -


All I can tell you at this point is that last year purchasing individual seating for most screenings was "possible" - but not always available.


There was a protocol of forming a queue to purchase any remaining seats at a screening. Once all passholders had arrived by the designated time before the start of a screening, seats began to be sold to those waiting in the "ala carte" line. But not all screenings had unclaimed seats to be sold to non-pass holders. A small number of screenings in the smaller theaters didn't even have room for all the passholders that wished to attend. (Those "sold-out" screenings were among the few that were given of a second screening on the last day of the Film Festival.)


I believe the *Fantasia* screening will be a popular one so I expect it to be in one of the larger venues. But that doesn't mean that getting in on an individual pass will be a sure thing - IF individual seating is sold again this year.


As the Festival gets closer and more details emerge about when and where certain screenings take place and if "ala carte" seats are available, you'll be able to make a better decision on taking that train ride in April. I hope you do.


Kyle In Hollywood

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