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Your favorite movie that came out the year you were born

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I was born in 1950, I thought I would have a problem finding a good movie made that year but in my research I found several good ones.


Here are a few I really liked

Harvey - cute movie I loved Jimmy Stewart in this movie and can't imagine someone else playing it, I read somewhere that he didn't like the way he played it he wanted it more dark but to me its perfect


Sunset Blvd - William Holden is great in this movie, I liked him in alot of his movies and the story itself is interesting with Billy Wilder as director and writer (one of my favorite directors) what can go wrong


All About Eve - saw this again the other night, I usually watch it every time its on, great movie and great casting


Ok to my favorite movie made in 1950


The Asphalt Jungle - With Sterling Hayden in the lead he is perfect for it. I think this is the best movie he was in, and all the actors that were cast I would give the casting director a Oscar for bringing these people together for this movie. It got 2 nods from the Oscars, best suporting actor and director, don't think either won but to acknowledge the movie shows to me that it can stand out with other great movies from that year.

This was fun hope someone else gives it a try


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I guess we will dating ourselves huh? :)


Well I was born in 1982. I think my favorite film that came out that year is *ET*. I love old Spielberg and this was such a magical fun film.



However I have finally been watching Bergman's *Fanny Och Alexander* (the 5 hour TV miniseries) and that might also be a strong contender.

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I think this is going to be unfair to FredCDobbs since he was born before movies came out. ; )


I have a lot to choose from for 1955 (Rebel Without A Cause, Night of the Hunter, East of Eden, Lady and the Tramp, To Catch A Thief, The Seven Year Itch...to name a few). But my favorite would have to The Court Jester...made in 1955, released in Japan on Dec. 25, 1955 (according to IMDB), but not released in the U.S. until January 1956.

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1957 was an interesting year for films and the year I was born.


*Old Yeller* was made that year and is one of those films from my childhood that I remember too well.


*What's Opera, Doc* may be the best Bugs and Elmer cartoon ever made


*Throne of Blood* Kurosawa's take on Macbeth


but all time favorite film of 1957 for me


*The Tall T* starring Randolph (cue chorus) Scott and directed by Budd Boetticher with Richard Boone in a terrific supporting role.

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That's easy for me--*The American In Paris*--1951


I'm a tap dancer. I majored in French and Studied in Paris. And I've seen all those paintings depicted in the movie.


I lived the fantasy of being an artist (tap dancer) in Paris. Believe me, there was nothing "Hollywood" about it.


The movie was shot on the backlot at Culver City with 2nd unit longshots in Paris. But the film really looks like it was filmed in Paris and they did such a good job because Minnelli and Kelly really knew and loved the City of Lights. (La ville des Lumieres)

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Welll Andrei Rublev was made a few years before I was born, but people didn't really get a chance to see it until 1969 when it was shown out of competition at Cannes. I think The Red Tent was my favorite movie to come out the year I was born.

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I was born on Dec.8,1941 my mother was often asked if the attack on Pearl Harbor inspired her to give birth the following morning, her reply was always no she had other fish to fry.

As for movies my research has picked up a passel of good-uns:

Citizen Kane (nuff said)

The devil and Daniel Webster ( Edward Norton at his best)

dumbo (nuff said)

here comes Mr. Jordan ( better then the warren Beatty remake)

high sierra (bogey, nuff said)

how green was my valley ( tear jerker express starring another New Brunswicker Walter Pigeon )

The Lady Eve ( funny funny funny Fonda and Stanwyck)

the Maltese falcon ( Bogey, Elisha cook jr, Sidney Greenstreet, oh delicious movie)

Meet John Doe ( Coop, nuff said)

sergeant york (well nuff said)

that Hamilton woman (said to be Churchill's favorite movie)

the wolf man ( Chaney best woman ever)


My favorite i like em all, but Dumbo I spent more then a few hours watching and watching when my sons were little.

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I have to say you were born in a good year in movies, what a selection, wow my favorite for your year is How Green was my valley, I watch it every time Fox shows it and their dialog before the movie is great to think they made that on a back lot in Hollywood blows me away, absolutely my favorite.

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*The Lady from Shanghai, 1948*


*and Treasure of the Sierra Madre 1948*


*depends on what mood I'm in...*



That would be . . . Bleak south of the border . . . or . . .

Bleaker south of the border?

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Maybe I missed something, but 1965 wasn't exactly the best year for movies. I'd say my favorites from that year would be Ship of Fools or Father Goose.


Edited by: traceyk65 on Jan 4, 2011 7:32 PM

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> {quote:title=Arturo wrote:}{quote}

> *The Lady from Shanghai, 1948*


> *and Treasure of the Sierra Madre 1948*


> *depends on what mood I'm in...*



> That would be . . . Bleak south of the border . . . or . . .

> Bleaker south of the border?


Well, I don't really think of either film as bleak. To me, TLfS is surreal mystery/intrigue, almost tongue-in-cheek, quite good fun.


TotSM certainly has bleak parts. But it is a serious film, and is overall reaffirming, a story that demonstrates what really has value in life, and it isn't gold.

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