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> {quote:title=FrankGrimes wrote:}{quote}

> Wow! Look at Have Gun, Will Travel ranking so very high! Ahead of Rawhide! I'm stunned!



"Rawhide" didn't even make my list! I have only seen a few shows.



> I could actually watch most of those shows. The worst are The Nanny and Family Affair. :P



I'm the shiksa nanny. :P


You really are an 80s TV show person.


"Valerie's Family"??????

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"Rawhide" didn't even make my list! I have only seen a few shows.


I meant to say, "Gunsmoke."


I'm the shiksa nanny. :P


Like I know what that is! Oh, wait. You mean snippy! Yeah, I know what that is.


You really are an 80s TV show person.


All the way. That's when I used to watch television shows. Now I watch sports, DVDs, or TCM recordings.


"Valerie's Family"??????


I like Valerie Harper and Jason Bateman.

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My favorite TV shows, in no special order but they will be numbered:


1.Law & Order - The original

2.The Dick VanDyne Show

3 Perry Mason - The original

4.Alfred Hitchock Presents

5.The Phil Silvers Show

6.I Love Lucy

7.Car 54, Where are You ?

8.The Twilight Zone

9.The Beverly Hillbillies

10The Honeymooners - The 39 episode package

11Night Galery

12The Mary Tyler Moore Show



The worst:

1.Gilligans Island

2.The Brady Bunch

3.The Adventures of Dobie Gillis


5.Lost in Space

6.Hogans Heroes

7.McHale's Navy

8.Petticoat Junction

9.The Green Hornet

10.December Bride

11Pete and Gladys



Comments - Dragnet both versions are bad in a very special way

Batman - With Cesar Romero and /or Burgess Meredith were very funny - otherwise hit and miss

Gunsmoke - Not a fan

Wagon Train, Rawhide,Bonanza - Very uneven

Route 66 - How did piece of junk get a good reputation ?

Maude - Not funny

The Golden Girls - The Betty White character was not funny, Bea Arthur was never funny

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Some of my favorite TV shows that haven't been mentioned (unless I missed them)


The Great American Dream Machine

That Was the Week That Was, aka TW3

Johnny Yuma, The Rebel

Wanted, Dead or Alive

One Step Beyond

Science Fiction Theater

The Westerner (the darkest, noiriest TV show ever made, starring Brian Keith)

Great Ghost Tales


East Side, West Side (George C. Scott playing a social worker)

You Bet Your Life

Star Trek (the original, of course)

The Outer Limits

Babylon 5

Push, Nevada (blinked, and it was gone...)

My Living Doll (with Julie Newmar)


I'll add the PBS Mystery series, which had Inspector Morse, but so many more, like Rumpole of the Bailey, Prime Suspect...


I can't agree that Route 66 and Dobie Gillis were bad, they were good... :P


Edited by: ValentineXavier on Feb 1, 2011 10:03 PM

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As they come to me - some of my favorites are -



The Dick Van Dyke Show

The Bob Newhart Show

Burns and Allen

The Jack Benny Show


Married - With Children

Carol Burnett




Get Smart

The Odd Couple



Law and Order

The Rockford Files


Have Gun - Will Travel

Nearly anything from Masterpiece Theater.

Wire In The Blood. (An outstanding British crime series I discovered by accident. Not part of MT.)

Police Story

The Equalizer


Moonlighting (understanding it could go in either category.)



And there are others. Somewhere along the way we should talk about TV theme songs.

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> {quote:title=FrankGrimes wrote:}{quote}

> Get Smart is a show I'd probably like.


I kinda feel guilty about not liking Get Smart. I watched it a few times when it was originally on TV. But, at the time, (I was in HS) my favorite show was The Man From Uncle. Although a lot of people didn't realize it, TMFU was a satire. Supposedly, at least at the time, Get Smart was intended as a satire of TMFU. A satire of a satire was weird to me, like they didn't realize that TMFU was already a satire, and GS was also a satire of my favorite show. So, I didn't like it. Oh, well...

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>The most stunning? Married with Children. Wow!


I have a wonderful family and it no way reflects my life but I feel for Al Bundy. Some of it though is outrageous enough that is just strikes me funny. He's no angel but even though he is a loser, and he knows it, he is still in a spot where his family always wants to take advantage of him.

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Well I just picked up a special gift from Barnes and Noble. Someone was very nice to me and purchased me a gift card for my birthday tomorrow.


The gift I selected was the Columbia Pictures Film Noir Classics II.

This set includes the following five films:


Glenn Ford, Gloria Grahame, Broderick Crawford and Edgar Buchannan in Human Desire, directed by Fritz Lang.


Fred MacMurray, Phil Carey, Dorothy Malone and Kim Novak in Pushover, directed by Richard Quine.


Richard Conte, Diane Foster, Kathryn Grant, James Darren and Larry Gates in The Brothers Rico, directed by Phil Karlson.


Aldo Ray, Brian Keith, Anne Bancroft, James Gregory and Frank Albertson in Nightfall, directed by Jacques Tourneur.


Vince Edwards, John Archer, Patricia Blair, and Steven Ritch in City of Fear, directed by Irving Lerner.


If anyone wants to know what age I will be, all I can tell you is my age tomorrow is the same number that a certain Paramedics squad had in the early to mid seventies on one of my favorite shows every Saturday night on NBC.

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I watch too much tv. Some of my favorites past and present. In random order



1. The X-Files

2. The Twilight Zone

3. The Invaders

4. Lost

5. Heroes

6. Supernatural

7. Smallville

8. Lois & Clark

9. Forever Knight

10. The Dead Zone



1. Married with Children

2. Bewitched

3. Family Guy

4. The Brady Bunch

5. All in the Family

6. Mr Ed

7. Modern Family

8. Soap

9. The Golden Girls

10. My Three Sons


Cop Drama

1. Third Watch

2. L&O Criminal Intent(Vincent D'Onofrio)

3. L&O SVU

4. CSI

5. Hunter

6. Homicide: Life on the Street

7. NYPD Blue


9. Moonlighting

10. Quincy


Medical Drama-

1. St Elsewhere

2. House

3. Chicago Hope

4. ER

5. Nip/Tuck

6. Grey's Anatomy

7. Trapper John

8. Emergency



All My Children

General Hospital

One Life to Live

The Guardian


Big Love


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Oh, and I forgot, I also ordered one of those film packs during December before Christmas. It is a Alfred Hitchcock 20 pack. There are 18 films, mostly from the 20's and 30's witha couple of tv episodes thrown in.

Here are the films in the pack that I got:


18 films, 2 tv episodes.


The Lady Vanishes 1938

The Farmers Wife 1928

The Manxman 1929

The Chaney Vase 1955 TV episode

The Sorcerer's Apprentice 1962 TV episode

Rich and Strange (AKA East of Shanghai) 1931

The Thirty-Nine Steps 1935

Secret Agent 1936

Champagne 1928

Blackmail 1929

Easy Virtue 1928

Jamaica Inn 1939

The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog 1927

The Ring 1927

Young and Innocent (AKA The Girl Was Young) 1937

Juno and the Paycock (AKA The Shame of Mary Boyle) 1930

Sabotage 1936

The Skin Game 1931

Number Seventeen 1932

The Man Who Knew Too Much 1934


So now I have 658 titles in my DVD collection. Who knows, the rate I am going within five years I might have 1000!

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Thanks Chris!


Well so far my birthday is pretty much the same as every other day so far this year......


Unemployed with not much going on.


Don't mean to be a downer here at all. We went out for dinner with my sis-in-law and her hubby last night. They actually surprised me with their appearance. Tonight Annie and I will have a quiet dinner here at home. And tomorrow we head up to Denver for a small super bowl party. So, all in all a nice weekend that coincidentally my birthday falls on.


Plus I have already p'od MFF here on the boards earlier today on the General Discussion thread The Heiress Again..... So I am keeping busy today.

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They can read me a bedtime story. They can recite the Yellow Pages. It almost doesn't matter WHAT they say. It's just the mere sound of their voice. These voices are silky, sonorous and sexy. Some voices are like maple syrup slowly pouring down. With my eyes closed, I'd know their voices ANYwhere. Their voices are pleasing to my ear. CONFESSION: Okay okay. I have to admit with the men...some of the names on the Actors list are there in addition to their voice). In no particular order (other than alphabetical by first name), here is a list of...






1. Bing Crosby

2. Boris Karloff

3. Cary Grant

4. Clarence Muse

4. Claude Rains

5. Dana Andrews

6. Errol Flynn

7. George Sanders

8. Gregory Peck

9. Gable

10. Henry Daniel

11. James Craig

12. James Earl Jones

13. James Mason

14. John Carradine

15. Paul Robeson

16. Randolph Scott

17. Richard Burton

18. Robert Mitchum

19. Robert Taylor

20. Rudolph Valentino

21. Sean Connery

22. Sterling Hayden

23. Vincent Price

24. Wayne Morris






1. Alice Faye

2. Ann Harding

3. Ann Sheridan

4. Barbara Rush

4. Claire Trevor

5. Doris Day

6. Ella Raines

7. Eve Arden

8. Frieda Inescort

9. Gloria Grahame

10. Ingrid Bergman

11. Jennifer Jones

12. Kim Novak

13. Lauren Bacall

14. Linda Darnell

15. Lizabeth Scott

16. Margaret Lindsay

17. Mary Astor

18. Olivia deHavilland

19. Patricia Neal

20. Paulette Goddard

21. Priscilla Lane

22. Suzanne Pleshette

23. Teresa Wright

24. Tippi Hedren

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Very nicely done, Lively Gal! I like your lists. Excellent choices.


Favorite Voices




25. Laird Cregar

24. Dana Andrews

23. Thomas Gomez

22. Ernest Borgnine

21. Walter Pidgeon

20. Sterling Hayden

19. Herbert Marshall

18. Edward Arnold

17. Walter Brennan

16. Charles McGraw

15. Sir Lancelot

14. Clark Gable

13. John Wayne

12. Humphrey Bogart

11. George Sanders

10. Maurice Chevalier

9. Robert Mitchum

8. Charles Boyer

7. Peter Lorre

6. Cary Grant

5. James Stewart

4. Burl Ives

3. James Mason

2. Orson Welles

1. Boris Karloff




25. Teresa Wright

24. Jessie Royce Landis

23. Angela Lansbury

22. Constance Towers

21. Anna Lee

20. Kay Francis

19. Vivien Leigh

18. Sara Allgood

17. Greer Garson

16. Gail Russell

15. Thelma Ritter

14. Rita Hayworth

13. Ethel Barrymore

12. Jean Arthur

11. Deborah Kerr

10. Marilyn Monroe

9. Myrna Loy

8. Kim Novak

7. Veronica Lake

6. Celeste Holm

5. Ingrid Bergman

4. Elsa Lanchester

3. Gloria Grahame

2. Grace Kelly

1. Joan Bennett

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