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I have no idea how they rate movies I watch on TCM or cable premier channels such as Encore, HBO,Showtime ETC. I watch movies for entertainment & now find myself looking for star ratings upto 4 stars. I disagree with some movie ratings more & more. My wife & I both do this when watching movies all the time. We actually get mad about a movie being under-rated then over. I don't know who rates them or how they do it. We have watched some great movies rated 2 stars that we both thought should be 4 stars. I am talking about all the movies of different kinds from the Silent era to the newest movies released on TCM & other premium cable channels. We have a cable DVR HD box, can't beat it for taping anything you please. I will tape a movie without seeing it with a rating of 4 stars being shown late at night or to early to watch it only to be disappointed about the movie. I grew up in the 1950's and still love many, many movies from the 30's,40's & 50's. I just don't understand the ratings they give & who does it. I would greatly appreciate it if I knew how. I tried to google it, but came up without.

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TV channels don't rate their own films. The descriptions, and the star ratings, are provided by different program guide services. Some cable providers use one service, some another. So, the same film might have different ratings on Comcast, and Time-Warner, and the descriptions will vary as well. You certainly aren't the only one who doesn't always agree with the ratings. I bought Leonard Maltin's movie guides for years. I thought some of his ratings spot-on, and some absurd.


You might find it helpful to look up film titles on www.imdb.com, the Internet Movie Data base, which has descriptions, user comments, and a 1 - 10 star rating system, based on viewer's votes. Another site, www.allmovie.com, has more professional reviews of films, descriptions, and a 1 - 4 star rating system. I often check both to decide if I want to record a film. Of course they both list the directors and the cast, which also enters into my considerations.

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