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Star of the Month list


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Hope this helps:




May 1994: Greta Garbo

June 1994: Glenn Ford

July 1994: Greer Garson

Aug.1994: Edward G. Robinson

Sept.1994: Barbara Stanwyck

Oct.1994: Angela Lansbury

Nov.1994 John Garfield

Dec.1994: Best of ?94


Jan.1995: Esther Williams

Feb.1995: Ronald Reagan

Mar.1995: TCM Salutes the Oscars

Apr.1995: Doris Day

May 1995: Myrna Loy

June 1995: Errol Flynn

July 1995: Gene Kelly

Aug.1995: Paul Muni

Sept.1995: Jane Powell

Oct.1995: Clark Gable

Nov.1995: Barrymores

Dec.1995: Best of ?95


Jan.1996: Deborah Kerr

Feb.1996: Robert Young

Mar.1996: 31 Days of Oscar

April 1996: Irene Dunne

May 1996: James Stewart

June 1996: Rosalind Russell

July 1996: Fred Astaire

Aug.1996: Ann Sheridan

Sept.1996: Van Johnson

Oct.1996: Kathryn Grayson

Nov.1996: Robert Mitchum

Dec.1996: Best of ?96


Jan.97: Humphrey Bogart

Feb.97: Eleanor Parker

Mar.97: 31 Days of Oscar

Apr.97: Ava Gardner

May 97: George Brent

June 97: June Allyson

July 97: John and Walter Huston (also Director of the Month)

Aug.97: Cary Grant

Sept.97: Ida Lupino

Oct.97: Walter Pidgeon

Nov.97: Katharine Hepburn

Dec.97: Best of ?97


Jan.1998: Lana Turner

Feb.1998: Charlton Heston

Mar.1998:31 Days of Oscar

April 1998: Red Skelton

May 1998: Olivia de Havilland

June 1998: James Cagney

July 1998: Lucille Ball

August 1998: Joan Crawford

Sept.1998: John Wayne

Oct.1998: Cyd Charisse

Nov.1998: Claude Rains

Dec.1998: Best of ?98


Jan.1999: Elizabeth Taylor

Feb.1999: William Powell

March 1999: 31 Days of Oscar (probably)

April 1999: Dennis Morgan

May 1999: Bette Davis

June 1999: Mickey Rooney

July1999: Natalie Wood

August 1999: Peter Sellers

Sept.1999: Norma Shearer

Oct. 1999: Gregory Peck

Nov. 1999: Ginger Rogers

Dec. 1999: Burt Lancaster


Jan. 2000: Debbie Reynolds

Feb. 2000: Robert Ryan

March 2000: 31 Days of Oscars (probably)

April 2000: Spencer Tracy

May 2000: Alexis Smith

June 2000:Wallace Beery

July 2000: Judy Garland

August 2000: film debuts

Sept 2000: Jane Wyman

October 2000: Dick Powell

Nov 2000: Frank Sinatra

Dec. 2000: Lauren Bacall


Jan. 2001: Elvis Presley

Feb.2001: Jean Hagen

March 2001: 31 Days of Oscar (probably)

Apr.2001: Knighted Actors

May 2001: Jean Harlow

June 2001: W.C. Fields

July 2001: Ann Sothern

Aug.2001: James Garner

Sept. 2001: Robert Taylor

Oct. 2001: Lana Turner

Nov.2001: Glenn Ford

Dec.2001: The Marx Brothers


Jan. 2002: Marlene Dietrich

Feb. 2002: Kirk Douglas

March 2002: 31 Days of Oscar

April 2002: Barbara Stanwyck

May 2002: Edward G. Robinson

June 2002: Greta Garbo

July 2002: Sidney Poitier

Aug. 2002: Joan Crawford

Sept. 2002: Van Heflin

Oct. 2002: Final films

Nov. 2002: Shelly Winters

Dec. 2002: Montgomery Clift


Jan. 2003: Doris Day

Feb. 2003: John Garfield

Mar. 2003: 31 Days of Oscar

Apr. 2003: Harold Lloyd

May 2003: Olivia de Havilland

June 2003: TV Actors in Films

July 2003: Lee Marvin

Aug. 2003: 1st Summer Under the Stars (see below)

Sept. 2003: James Mason

Oct. 2003: Boris Karloff

Nov. 2003: Shirley MacLaine

Dec. 2003: David Niven


Jan. 2004: Katherine Hepburn

Feb.2004: 31 Days of Oscar

Mar.2004: Charles Chaplin

Apr. 2004: Judy Garland

May 2004: Greer Garson

June 2004: Cary Grant

July 2004: Stars That Died Before Their Time

Aug.2004: 2nd Summer Under the Stars (see below)

Sept.2004: Myrna Loy

Oct. 2004: Peter Lorre

Nov.2004: Clark Gable

Dec. 2004: James Stewart


Jan.2005: Canadian Actors

Feb. 2005: 31 Days of Oscar

Mar. 2005: Claudette Colbert

Apr. 2005: Errol Flynn

May 2005: Orson Welles

June 2005: Ingrid Bergman

July 2005: Audrey Hepburn

Aug. 2005: 3rd Summer Under the Stars (see below)

Sept.2005: Greta Garbo

Oct.2005: Robert Mitchum

Nov.2005: Joan Fontaine

Dec. 2005: Bing Crosby


Jan. 2006: Robert Montgomery

Feb.2006: 31 Days of Oscar

Mar.2006: Nelson Eddy & Jeanette MacDonald

Apr.2006: Deborah Kerr

May 2006: Bette Davis

June 2006: Anthony Quinn

July 2006: Elizabeth Taylor

Aug.2006: 4th Summer Under the Stars (see below)

Sept.2006: William Holden

Oct.2006: Child Stars

Nov.2006: Lucille Ball

Dec. 2006: Gary Cooper


Jan.2007: Jean Arthur

Feb.2007: 31 Days of Oscar

Mar.2007: Gene Kelly

Apr.2007: Rita Hayworth

May 2007: John Wayne and Katherine Hepburn

June 2007: Ida Lupino

July 2007: Randolph Scott

Aug.2007: 5th Summer Under the Stars (see below)

Sept.2007: A Star is Born (starmaking/breakthrough performances)

Oct.2007: Henry Fonda

Nov.2007: Guest Programmer Month

Dec.2007: Irene Dunne

Jan.2008: James Cagney

Feb.2008: 31 Days of Oscar

Mar.2008: Acting Dynasties

Apr.2008: Hedy Lamarr

May 2008: Frank Sinatra

June 2008: Sophia Loren

July 2008: Rosalind Russell

Aug.2008: 6th annual Summer Under the Stars (see below)

Sept.2008: Kay Francis

Oct.2008: Carole Lombard

Nov.2008: Charles Laughton

Dec. 2008: Joseph Cotton


Jan. 2009: Jack Lemmon

Feb. 2009: 31 Days of Oscar

Mar. 2009: Ronald Reagan

April 2009: Funny Ladies and 15th Anniversary

May 2009: Sean Connery

June 2009: Great Directors

July 2009: Stewart Granger

August 2009: Summer Under the Stars

Sept. 2009: Claude Rains

Oct. 2009: Leslie Caron

Nov. 2009: Grace Kelly

Dec. 2009: Humphrey Bogart


Jan. 2010: ?The Method?

Feb. 2010: 31 Days of Oscar

March 2010: Ginger Rogers

April 2010: Robert Taylor

May 2010: Donna Reed

June 2010: Natalie Wood

July 2010: Gregory Peck

August 2010: SUTS

Sept. 2010: Vivien Leigh

Oct. 2010: Fredric March

Nov. 2010: Ava Gardner

Dec. 2010: Mickey Rooney



Jan. 2011: Peter Sellers

Feb. 2011: 31 Days of Oscar

March 2011: Jean Harlow

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Afraid not. But a few years back, I cut and pasted a list that had been compiled and then I kept adding to it.


About a month ago, someone contacted me with some corrections so I incorporated them.

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