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Here?s another idea for a new thread, if anyone?s interested. Supply a word that can be found at the end of one movie title and at the beginning of another. For example, for the word ?I?:


*The Egg and I Married a Witch*


Just name the two titles, back to back, like I just did. As there are no wrong answers, you need not wait for confirmation, just as long as they fit the word supplied. With each new pair of movie titles, supply a new word. But, please think of movie titles that will work with the word at the same time, and don't just throw a word out, unless it does combine two movie titles. (the, an, a don't matter; just omit them) Let?s go:


New word: Men


Edited by: allaboutlana on Jan 15, 2011 2:04 PM

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Finance, yes, that is how to play, or the gist of it. But I wanted you to use the word ?men? I provided to make two movie titles out of them and then provide a new word for cmygor to use for his pair of movies, as a continuing thread. And, only make one pair of movies with a common word between them.


As for cmygor?s movies, there was no common word in titles. Remember the example *The Egg and I Married a Witch*.


But thanks for playing, both of you.


Let?s start over:


New Word: Men


Edited by: allaboutlana on Jan 15, 2011 4:23 PM

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