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Goodbye My Lady


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Thank you so much for finally bringing a real gem of a movie to the collection. What a joy to watch and feel such a simple yet powerful movie. Beautifully filmed, wonderfully acted by many great actors, this story speaks about doing the right thing. The boy became a man, a good honorable man in giving up what was not his. He had himself a dog.


The language, simplicity, and beauty was a real joy. Thank you for bringing back this movie from its long sleep.


Nancy Rojo in Grass Valley, California.


I was so influenced and intrigued by this movie when I first saw it in the late 50's, I never forgot it and became a Basenji fancier. I have had two of these wonderful "little 'ole puppy dogs".

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I just finished watching it. It's a bittersweet story. However, I do not think this film would fare well with kids today. The story is VERY slow and drawn out. The way kids' attention spans are today, they would give up after five minutes. Also, most kids would prefer a color version, not black-and-white. That's just the way it is.


Therefore, I would recommend that this film be remade by Warners or Disney. It is a perfect candidate for a remake/modernization.

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I could not care less whether or not this film would fare well with today's kids. Today's kids have a two minute attention span, after which it is time to move on to something else--for another two minutes. Today's kids have no appreciation for art, humility, story line, photography, or anything else for that matter, except how to use (and abuse) the latest electronic gadgets, etc., etc. What today's kids badly need, but do not know it, is an *education*. It would not hurt if they were instilled with a sense of values that have all but disappeared in America today, which is rapidly headed into a permanent third-world status, where movies such as this do not and cannot exist.


In short, hopefully today's kids (of *any* age), having nothing in common with TCM, will gravitate to a different place and remain there--far, far away from this movie venue which so foreign (VERY slow, I would add) to them. I would urge them to go about their accelerated business, whatever that may be, and forget about trying to remake TCM in their own image.


I was surprised and delighted to see this true gem of a movie and hope for more of them in the future, without a remake or a rework or a re-anything by anyone who is bored with it all. Goodbye and good riddance!

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