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Can someone please help me remember this movie....

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There's a movie stuck in my head but I only remember one part of it. I saw it a while ago and its driving me crazy because, for the life of me, I can't remember the name of the movie or who played in it or anything other than this one scene and even thats not too clear. I remember something about soliders being shot down behind enemy lines in world war two. I think it was british or us soliders and I think it was Japanese that shot them down. And, from what I can remember, they were captured in the jungle. One guy was wounded, and the lead guy had his arms held behind his backs with a stick or something. I don't know if there were other guys there. Well the soliders started to hurt the wounded guy or something like that, and the leader, trying to help his friend, jabbed one of the Japanese soliders with the stick behind his back. Then when the other Japanese soliders went to shoot the man the wounded solider jumped in front of him taking the bullets for him. Before and after that I don't remember anything. And I'm not even sure if that much is clear. Does anybody have any idea of which movie I'm talking about? Because I'd REALLY appreciate it if someone could help me with this. Thanks! :-)

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I think it was black and white. And I honestly can't remember anything about it for sure. I'm thinking that it was a world war 2 movie and that they were airmen who were shot down behind enemy lines. But thats all I can remember and I'm not even positive about that. All I know is that I saw it a long time ago and its been stuck in my head but all I can remember is that one part from the movie.

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