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Movie with a Candle shaped like a hand


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Thanks for the suggestion, but that's not it. I've seen the Wicker Man (I'm assuming Edward Woodward version and not Nick Cage).


I'm asking for a friend, and here's the description he gave me:


*It was (to my memory) a British film set on an old expansive estate, where a young lady in a nightgown runs around thinking someone is trying to murder everybody. I vaguely remember her arming herself with a pair of scissors (yes, she was running with a pair of scissors in her hand). A bell was ringing in the chapel, and she went to investigate.*


*Upon entering the chapel, she saw a dead man hung by the bell rope, going up and down as the bell continued to ring. One hand was cut off, and she found it set on a nearby plate on a table. Atop each finger was a lit candle. She freaked out, of course.*

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I believe the film you're looking for is called From A Whisper to a Scream. Vincent is the host to I believe 3 horror stories. One of which is The Dead Man's Hand. Based on the old legend that a candle made out of a dead man's hand will freeze everybody else in time and lead you to treasure

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Ive been looking for this film for years- my first horror movie ever ,when I was 5.I remember that old lady walking through the castle with that hand candle and she was at one point lying in a coffin , She sat up and pointed at this blond chick,who was later found dead behind a curtain. I will be so happy when I can locate this film.

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