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Anyone Here a John Carradine Fan? he's STILL 2 THIS DAY a Highly UNKOWN ACTOR! when people talk about either Alive or


Actors or Actresses who have passed on they don't seem To Mention "John Carradine" i noticed. it's a shame 2 because he was a Brilliant Actor who NEVER well in his later years


had The Chance To Flex His Acting Muscles. most of The Stuff he got was pure Crap. i just wish "TCM" would Play some MORE of his movies. anyone Disagree????

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see i didn't like it! although i DO agree that his role was INDEED hilarious! & he looked like he had Fun making it 2! :) & i'm sure there are some Woody Allen Fans out there that prolly Will yell at me for this. but i have


ONLY seen 1 film of his that i've liked & that's Scenes From A Mall circa (1991) & that's MAINLY cause i've been a "Bette Midler" Fan for as LONG as i Can Remember! & no i'm NOT dissing "Anne Hall" cuz i've NEVER seen it! i've seen only a couple of his films like "Play It Again Sam" From circa (1972) i think


there was 2 other's but i don't recall the titles right now?

oh 1 i thought was god awefull but well acted was "Hannah & Her Sisters" & yes i've talked to people about these movies & they don't like them either. anywys i'm sorry


about my Ramblings on. hehe anyways as for "Carradine" has anyone seen "House Of The Long Shadows" circa (1983)??? that's a "CLASSIC" & according to Christopher Lee's Son-In Law he runs his OFFICAL website they are having Legal


problems i think he said last year on the site or something like that? I hope that "TCM" gets The Rights 2 Air it someday! i dunno who owns The Rights to it? does anyone?

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