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First time posting...be gentle! Couple of Questions please!


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Hi everybody! I've had some bad experiences lately with people being very ugly on Message Boards if you don't post in exactly the right Topic about a question or comment (Crackberry.com etc, mostly tech sites) so please be patient as I get the hang of my beloved TCM!


Tonight I watched "The Member of The Wedding" and was completely blown away by it..Ethel Waters is astounding and what a gift Carson McCullers has for that southernwriting! I looked into the database and only see the other 3 movies with her name attached, and while it says there is a Special Event in February on the TCM website around Carson McCullers this month [_URL_](http://www.tcm.com/thismonth/article.jsp?cid=355230&mainArticleId=355226),[_URL_] when I enter the name of "The Ballad of the Sad Cafe" and "Reflections in a Golden Eye" to see if either of them is showing this month I am coming up empty. I have not been able to spend as much time as I like really learning how to maneuver this site, can someone show me a link to where you would type in a move's name to see if it is going to run say in the next month or so? When I entered it into the basic "Search" at the top of the Home screen, it just took me to several articles about the movie. I also looked on my Tivo for Sad Cafe and it said it wasn't listed in the next two weeks....yet if this is a Carson McC Month on TCM....am I missing something?


Lastly, I would LOVE to find other movies like Wedding Guest...that has that same feel to it....Mockingbird-y types.....I have seen "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter"....is there any area on this site where you can get suggestions based on movies you like?


Thank You all SO much for your patience with this matter, I can't wait to dig into this site more!


Beth In Nashville

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Hi Beth In Nashville.


Welcome to TCM City.


You did find the article about the evening of Carson McCullers-based films so you're doing pretty well navigating around here so far.


Sadly, there was only a single "Carson McCullers Night" - with *Ballad Of The Sad Cafe* and *Reflections In A Golden Eye* - this month. And it was this past Monday evening. (The 24th) So you've missed them. Because these films have already played this month, they are no longer listed as "upcoming" in the database.


To find out if a particular title is showing during the upcoming three months, "search" the TCMDatabase for the title and there will be a "box" on the right side of the page letting you know if it is scheduled or not. And if it is, the "box" will tell you the date and time it is scheduled. (The time listed will be Eastern, so make adjustments, if necessary.) You can also "search" by "Star" or "Director" and get listings of any upcoming films with or by those particular persons.


If you are in a "browsing" mood, here are links to the upcoming monthly schedules for TCM -


February 2011 ("31 Days Of Oscar")



March 2011 (Jean Harlow as "Star Of The Month")



As for other film titles similar to *Member Of The Wedding* or *To Kill A Mockingbird*, the membership here will be happy to offer some suggestions. Just be patient as it is late. Hopefully by tomorrow evening you'll have some other titles to look into courtesy of the folks around here.


I hope this is helpful. And I hope you come around often.


Kyle In Hollywood

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Kyle has done a great job of answering your questions and given you some great tips on how to use the database.


Another Carson McCullers story that became a film was the wonderful *The Heart is a Lonely Hunter* starring a young Alan Arkin and Sondra Locke.


*Lonely Heart*, *Member of the Wedding*, *Reflections in a Golden Eye* and *Ballad of the Sad Cafe* are the only ones of her work that have been translated to film. *Member of the Wedding* was also a Broadway play and some of her other stories may have been adapted for the stage.


Be sure to check the database periodically as *Member of the Wedding* and *Lonely Hunter* turn up with some frequency on TCM.


Welcome to the boards and should you want to talk about *Mockingbird*, I hope you'll feel comfortable enough to start a thread. It has a lot of fans here and many of us love talking about the film.

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I was looking over available DVDs and there are a few McCullers - MEMBER OF THE WEDDING was released as part of a recent Stanley Kramer collection (including GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER, THE WILD ONE and SHIP OF FOOLS).


I waited for decades for HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER to arrive and it finally did, and still affected me. Amazing - I can know what's going to happen but knowing the end doesn't amount to a hill o' beans.


BALLAD OF SAD CAFE's out there, but I missed the recent viewing. I'd never connected it to these other two familiar-to-me titles.


And REFLECTIONS IN A GOLDEN EYE is out there, although my disdain for '60s Eliz & Brando have precluded my interest.


Still, posts like this - which make me connect some powerful favorites with unpalatable casts make me curious about my historic refusals, as if I should give 'em a chance. Thanks - I think!

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Dear Ollie ......Thanks so much for your response; I shouldn't be surprised but I have to say I haven't gotten 3 replies that were grammatically correct and not full of spelling shortcuts in ages....I'm going to like it here a LOT. I remember seeing The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter when I was very young...maybe 8 or 10 and being so shocked at the ending, but not frightened, as I was a bookworm from a very early age, and "Guess Who's Coming..." such an all time classic. You have piques my interest with the Liz Taylor movie...I too am not crazy about her in that era, I had hoped these other two were of the same lazy southern afternoon types, with the strom brewing just beneath the surface. Mockingbird I also saw very young and that DID frighten me, but I kept watching it over the years until it didn't, until I 'got it', but I could watch movies like that forever, so "Member of The Wedding" which I had never even *heard* of was just a diamond that fell right out of the sky into my lap. I quit smoking this week after 30 years and have been sitting on the couch afraid that if I get in the car I will drive straight to the gas station and pick up again. So hubby has been waiting on me and that movie was a divine treat in an otherwise hideous week! Thanks so much for your reply...Beth

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Dear lzcutter;

Thanks so much for your reply.....I kind of found myself replying to all 3 of my responses in one up there to Ollie...I would imagine there are lots of Mockingbird threads all over this board, yes? Hopefully you can read what I wrote to Ollie....I'm such a dork....give me a few days to get the hang of this board...and thank you SO much for being so welcoming! Beth

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> {quote:title=Gregory1965 wrote:}{quote}

> Beth - I think COME BACK LITTLE SHEBA is a movie that you might like based on what you've mentioned so far. It's being broadcast on TCM on February 9th.


I agree with this suggestion, as well. I love this film. Also PICNIC is an interesting blend of characters and in a class all its own.

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