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'Theme' music?


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'Theme' music. What can you come up with?


It can be the name of a band, or a song, or subject matter, or any other association you can make. Music from any genre is acceptable.


There are no rules as such, except the common-sense rules. Keep it (relatively) civilized so the admin bouncers don't have an excuse to throw us out.


You're all free to contribute. In fact this whole enterprise wont work withiout your contributions.


I'll start with todays theme


*Utilities and Services*


*Pacific Gas & Electric - Are You Ready?*




*Glen Campbell - Wichita Lineman*


Best wishes

Metairie Road

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Well Scottman, we're off to a good start. Your participation is appreciated.


Remember, anyone can suggest a theme any time they want to, or return to a previous 'Theme of the day', they don't expire.


Theme of the day: *Hail to the Chief?*


*Calvin Coolidge*


*Randy Newman - Louisiana 1927*


*Dwight D. Eisenhower*


*J.B. Lenoir - Eisenhower Blues*


Best wishes

Metairie Road

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OK, not sure of this is what you mean, but here goes:


Theme--Homage to Classic Stars in Rock/Pop Songs:


*Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes:*



*Candle in the Wind (Marilyn) by Elton John*:


*James Dean by the Eagles:*


*Bela Lugosi?s Dead by the Bauhaus:*

*Marlene by Noir Desir*


*The Right Profile (Montgomery Clift) the Clash:*


*Frank Sinatra by Cake:*



*Just Like Fred Astaire by James:*


*Michael Caine by Madness:*

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