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Later Year Movies


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I am 62 years old and I would like to see the later year movies played before 10:00 at night,most people are a sleep when you play them and are unable to see them,I mean movies that were made after 1965.I enjoy watching TCM,but would enjoy it more if I could see more of my time of movies.

thank you


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Get a recorder, Bill.

Movies made after the studio systems fell and the Breen office "relaxed" the code generally contain more nudity, violence and vulgar language. And it escalates from the 70's to 80's to the almost typically unwatchable films of the 2000's.


Last night I watched THE LAST EMPEROR (1987), a really great film TCM broadcast at 11:30-2am past my bedtime. I was surprised it contained mild sex play and the "f" word- neither out of place in the film but enough to pull it out of a prime time broadcast.


I'm glad TCM has some kind of censoring, I just have to record a LOT. And extra cool TCM often broadcasts "kid" films on weekend mornings.

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*"I would like to see the later year movies played before 10:00 at night"* - WildBill1949


Because the channel has only one satellite feed for the whole country, TCM has to make sure R-Rated films or films with "adult" language or brief nudity are shown after 9pm on the West Coast. An uneditted *Taxi Driver* can't be shown at 7pm out here on a non-subscription cable channel.


Kyle In Hollywood

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THIS has a lot of films from the 70's and 80's. However, as mentioned before they're edited for time and content, include comercials, and are not allways the best of the lot. Even so they show some good films before 10PM. Then again my taste is all over the freaking place. Maybe this will help, (maybe not.)

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