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Greatest Revenge Moments in Cinema


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The recent "Kill Bill Volume 1 and 2" and "Gladiator" was very good.


Others are "Commando", Ben Hur",

"Star Trek the Wrath of Khan" could be considered one but Khan really didn't get revenge and destroyed his comrades and himself by his obsession with getting revenge.

"Death Wish"


By the way, whatever happened to "Kill Bill, Volume 3"?



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I think moments of revenge can be put in two categories: those that encourage us to be thrilled in its success, and those that trouble us. The best examples of the first, in the sense of being both cinematically successful and being morally unproblematic, are the ends of Jaws and Aliens, which are both thrilling, and are almost perfect examples of self defense, with the first against a monster that isn't even sentient. By contrast, when Ethan Edwards scalps the already dead Scar, that is meant to remind us that Edwards has crossed a line.


Just/Cool Revenge


Murder on the Orient Express: I should point out that this is excently shot, with suberb lightning, haunting music, and many excellent star turns, with Rachel Roberts twisting the knife ("****") and John Gielguld saying "For my Gentleman."


Goodfellas/Casino: In both movies, Joe Pesci's characters get punished, even by fellow mafioso.


Ran: The treacheous Lady Kaede is beheaded, with a shocking jolt of blood.


The Man who Would be King: Clearly a spectacular way to go.


The Manchurian Candidate: At the last minute the bad characters are killed, with matricide as patriotic duty.


Tess: "I've killed him," as all we see is blood dripping through the floor/ceiling.


Once Upon a time in the West: Henry Fonda's character has a harmonica shoved in his mouth in his dying moments.


The Wild Bunch: This mass slaughter probably wouldn't work if any of the Bunch got out alive.


Problematic revenge


The Godfather: That Carlo Rizzi's murder should be viewed as anything other than a crime can only be viewed if you think there are any circumstances justifying the murder of your godson's father. And in no way does this make Connie Rizzi a better person. But since many people didn't get the point, we have the whoel thing redone in The Godfather, Part II only worsened.



Seven: John Doe is killed and of course wins everything.


The Usual Suspects: The gang kills Kobayashi's bodyguards, and only find themselves deeper inside.


Memento: Teddy is shot, and only at the end, do we realize that the hero has been successfully getting "revenge" uncounted times.


In the Bedroom: Richard Strout is killed, and we aren't the better for it.


There will be Blood: I don't know whether this board is fond of unctuous corrupt Protestant evangelists, but after seeing Eli Sunday with a bowling pin, truly "I'm finished."


The Rules of the Game: What's the best way of having revenge for adultery than killing the wrong person.


No Country for Old Men: One can argue that Carla Jean Moss' murder is "revenge" for violating a psychopath's rules. One could also say the Coen Brothers intend this to be "cool" revenge, since Anton Chigurh is the coolest character in the movie.


A Short Film about Killing: A dirty punk kills a cabdriver and is promptly executed. There's no reason to believe that his dignity or the law has been compromised in any way. So why aren't we happy?


Lolita: Everything you don't want in a revenge plot, a compromised avenger, an off-screen death in prison and a victim who won't take you seriously.


The Unfaithful Wife/Unfaithful:


Oldboy: The hero of his own revenge plot finds out he is the victim of another's.

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