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Baby Doll (1956) coming on next


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Geez, I feel kinda' guilty, but I just gots to warn you:


_It's not very good_


I'm sorry, they've shown it numerous times over the last couple of years, I caught it in entirety once, and tried to make it thru again, because I want to like it, and Carol Baker is great and so is Mildred Dunnock, and I like most of Kazan's stuff, but this thing, oy!


You have been warned.

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Sometimes I've wondered what would had happened had Marlon Brando and Marilyn Monroe accepted the lead roles? Most likely, it would have been a very different film or the original script changed. I've never been able to figure out which of the two males leads Marlon would have played? My guess is Marlon as "Vacarro" and Karl remaining in the role as the arsonist of the gin mill. Of course, Marilyn's role would have been easy enough to figure on. No matter how big a star she was at the time, everybody knew she would have been simply too old for the role and I doubt if she could have pulled it off as a teenage bride. Carroll was fine in the role; almost perfect. Especially, when Carroll received an Academy Award nomination for her efforts.

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1) The film had the same eerie look to the exterior scenes and I think I've figured it out: just as no lens filters were used outdoors to make the clouds pop out (as in "High Noon") making the sky look drab and lifeless, that's what I see by Kazan here.


2) It proves out one inarguable fact: Karl Malden NEVER gave a bad performance.


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It's not very good


You're a master of the understatement. If you want to watch people staring at each other, talking about a lot of intellectual nonsense, this is the movie. If you want to see Carrol Baker in a nightie...well, okay. It's not completely without appeal!

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