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Aunt Jane in Connecticut


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Movie Professor:


A Postscript On Jane:


She did something of an ?about-face? over her issues on the war in Vietnam. In all came in the guise of when she was in Connecticut with Robert De Niro, filming the romantic drama ?Stanley and Iris.? During the early days of the setup for shooting, Vietnam vets protested Jane being in the community and a group of them picketed around the production. The wonderful director, Martin Ritt, whom himself had once been considered a radical and even blacklisted during the 1950s, suggested it would be best for Jane to meet with the protesting vets. In a move that appeared more like a PR attempt to save some bad publicity, Jane decided to meet with the protestors at a VA community center. It was at this meeting that Jane proclaimed, she perhaps went a little over the top during her years she openly publicized her defiance over the country?s involvement in South East Asia. All of a sudden, Jane who had once been so strongly defiant appeared apologetic and asking for forgiveness. While this event didn?t get big coverage in the press, it was for a time, rather interesting and really didn?t help Jane, the film and her image. Sadly, not long after the film was completed, legendary director Martin Ritt passed away.


?Stanley and Iris? turned out to be an enormous failure at the box office for 1990. Jane then announced she would retire from the movies. I never thought for one single minute, she?d pack it up and go out to pasture. Of course, Jane did another ?about-face,? when she returned to films and appeared in ?Mother?s-in-Law,? for 2005.



I was living in Vermont at the time, and it got a little more play up there than nationally. I think

many people did see it as a quickie PR stunt to soothe the anger a bit, likely ineffectively. It did make Jane look like she was caving in to the vets. On the other hand, it had been almost twenty years and people do change their perspectives. And as you say, it really didn't do much to help

the situation. I'm always skeptical when actors or rock stars announce their "retirements," but

fifteen years is a fairly impressive time out.


"Stanley and Iris" was on TV a few months ago. I've always thought it's an enjoyable, well done

"little" picture with two good lead performances. I can see why it wouldn't appeal very much to a mass audience, but it's well worth seeing.

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Hard to imagine a big-hearted extrovert like Salinger would act that way. On the

other hand, I've heard he refused to even consider Richard and Karen for a propsed

TV movie version of Raise High The Roof Beam, Carpenters. Oh, these oh so

dainty literary types, they think their first drafts don't stink.

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