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I loved putting on TMC on Saturday mornings,and watching the Bowery Boys,and now there gone,

also you got rid of Cartoon Ally,also a favorite,couldn't you have a regular schedule for sat. mornings?

It made me feel like a kid again, maybe you could put on shorts,or some old comedies that are seldom seen anymore. I know one thing ,Ill miss the Bowery boys,and so will my kids as it took them awhile to get into them. How about the old cartoons that were actually funny?

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I'm a Fleischer fan too. I wouldn't begrudge others seeing them, but I have managed to collect almost all of them. What I would like to see is some of the old B&W Warner Bros. toons, especially the B&W Porkys.


I'd like serials too, and Commando Cody would be fine. I believe we have some Buck Rogers coming up. That's good, but I already have it on DVD.

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I don't know any Bowery Boys movies that were ever nominated for an Oscar, that's why they're not on in February.


But yeah, I agree 100% with the OP that Saturday and even Sunday mornings would RULE if they offered lighthearted kid oriented films & cartoons. TikiKid loves them, especially the 90- minute format most of them have. She really liked recently broadcast MAYOR OF HELL with Jimmy Cagney & LITTLE MISS MARKER with Shirley Temple.

Showing this type of movie is a great introduction to the world of classic film and really should replace wrong time/wrong format "Essentials Jr" in TCMs lineup.


Who didn't grow into a serious cinefile from seeing Abbott & Costello, Bowery Boys, Andy Hardy and the "Road" pictures as kids?

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