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WINGS Might be New Transfer Sunday


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OK, here we go again. Maybe, just maybe, TCM is running a brand new transfer or even the Photoplay Productions version of *WINGS,* or a hybrid of such, on Sunday? I know I have said that before, to no avail. However, did anyone catch that short promo that aired? Briefly, showing a few frames of *SUNRISE* and *WINGS* back to back. That sure didn't look like the same tired old Monochrome print that we saw three years ago. Also it appeared to be tinted gold? The hue of most of the Photoplay edition.


I would strongly suggest that people make an effort to find out the facts a few days in advance if you can? I tried to E-mail TCM's Chuck Tabesh a few days ago, not specifically about this matter, but I brought it up briefly. He hasn't gotten back to me as of yet. Anyway, the preview surprised me. Now I may just be jumping to conclusions, because Chuck didn't feel that clearing the rights to the Photoplay Edition was going to happen last fall, but I think there is a chance that it could be at least a new transfer from Paramount. Perhaps the one we were told that they were working on back in the fall of 2008? Now rather it has the Carl Davis score or not is another matter entirely? Anyway, I believe that it's worth looking into.


While one might expect some sort of formal announcement from TCM, but that doesn't always happen. Certainly, there was none for *THIS IS THE NIGHT* last month. I looked through the 31 days of Oscar calender last night, and there is supposed to be an article on *WINGS* there, but I couldn't find it. If you click on the link nothing comes up? Not sure what the story is there?


Another thing that I wanted to be sure to mention. In November the guy who was guest from *The Academy Film Archive* at *AMPAS* after the showing of *THE HOODLUM,* mentioned and spoke about the *WINGS* restoration in some detail. So hopefully that was a good sign that progress was being made to get a nice transfer on TCM? Who knows? If I get any confirmation to speak of I will post it here.

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