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Need help to find a title of a movie I loved


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Dear Robert,

Could you please, help me find the title to an old movie. I saw it on tv in the 1970's. I believe it was made in the 30's or 40's in black and white. I remember a little girl about 5 and her brother about 3? I think it was an angel that told the little girl that she had to take care of her mother or her little sister would not be born.The family was poor and the mother did not know that she was pregnant. Later in the film the little girl got to go to heaven. She saw a ship (like a viking style) a man on the ship had Long white hair and beard ( like St. Peter) and he had a scroll ,and he was calling the names of children that were to be born that day.The movie ended with her little sister being born, because she took care of her mother. I hope you can help me out with this title and maybe where I could get this film.

A very big fan of yours,


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Does the girl actually speak to the unborn sister? If so, it might be The Blue Bird with Shirley Temple.

This movie was made in 1940. She and her brother are guided by a fairy. The people about to get born ride in a ship with Father Time. Except in this movie, we do not see the actual birth - the sister says she will come later. But the girl, who originally was selfish, gives her sick friend Angela the Blue Bird on her return, and Angela recovers.

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