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Sing a-n-d Act


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That is NOT what the thread is about. Please do not simplify it into something a kindergarten film fan would write.


It is about how critics comment on whether an actor or actress (any actor or actress) can muster up enough talent to be convincing in a role that requires both musical and dramatic skill.

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Ok, maybe Sammy was limited in his acting since the only roles I can remember is what he did with the Rat Pack. My focus was more on singers and entertainers that did some acting and not the other way around.


People like Frank and Bing did 'pure acting' but of course where singers and entertainers (i.e. they would be well known if they never did a movie). Judy fills so same boots.


I admit I'm not to knowledge about actors that are not classified as singer that did some singing in their roles (i.e. they pulled it off).

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What about Gene Kelly? A great actor, not just a musical performer.


Dick Powell is a good one to discuss. He got better as the years went on. In the early years he was pretty stagey and awful (Gold DIggers, 42nd Street, Midsummer's, etc), but starting, I think, with Christmas in July, he becomes a much better actor. I guess he just needed experience and a good director, eh?


Fred Astaire is kind of the same way. His early acting isn't very good, but later on he does better and better, so by the time he's in On the Beach he's a good actor who doesn't have to sing or dance to be cast in a film. (Though why waste him like that?)


On that, a person with a lovely singing voice, in fact a professional singer, who did a great job acting, IMHO, was Petula Clark, who was the lead opposite Fred Astaire in Finian's Rainbow. I was surprised at how good she was.


And a "singer" who can't act? Esther WIlliams. :)

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> {quote:title=ValentineXavier wrote:}{quote}

> > {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}

> > I don't know whether you are being tongue in cheek, but later in life, when her film career was winding down, Marlene DID tour with a singing act, with a young Burt Bacharach spending time as her accompanist.


> Not tongue in cheek at all, just countering tracyk65's assertion that Marlene's singing was an "acquired taste," and not widely appreciated. Touring a singing act after a successful acting career doesn't necessarily prove one is a good singer, just that one has a following from the acting. My assertion was that if she hadn't been a film star, she could have been a singing star.



I think it just may be an acquired taste for modern audiences? Most people for whom I have played her songs just look at me like I am crazy (but then I get that about old movies a lot too)..,and there are several people on these boards who don't care for her singing either.

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*How much pure acting did Sammy Davis actually do?*


He had good reviews for his role as Sportin' Life in *Porgy and Bess* holding his own with Sidney Poitier, Pearl Bailey and Dorothy Dandridge.


He was nominated for a Tony for his role in the musical version of *Golden Boy* losing to Zero Mostel in *Fiddler*.

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> Gene Kelly had many non-musical roles. I am going to do a post on that in the film themes thread tomorrow.


I found 13 films that Gene did in which he did not sing or dance. That's a lot considering he's so known for his work in musicals. He's probably one of the more versatile talents of the MGM studio era. Plus he went on to have a successful career in directing and would do choreography on films in which he did not appear.

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