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TVMovie/Miniseries Trivia


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Thanks, good idea.


This mini-series was based on a best selling novel. The story spanned over 25 years and was about the turbulent struggles of a family. The enormous success of this production made stars out of some unknowns. But a few very well known and loved movie stars also appeared in the series. Name the mini-series, at least one of the very well known stars and maybe an unknown that became famous after appearing in this show.

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Patty Duke,aka "The Queen of the TV Movie-Miniseries


Some memorable TV Movies with top stars were:


"My Sweet Charlie"--Al Freeman, Jr.


"A Matter of Justice"--Martin Sheen


"The Miracle Worker"--Melissa Gilbert


"A Family Upside Down"--Helen Hayes & Fred Astaire

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The person I was thinking of was Elizabeth Montgomery, star of The Awakening Land and 20 tv movies. But Patty Duke was also an alumni of a tv sitcom. But, I don?t think she played the tough characters Ms. Montgomery did, as in Lizzie Borden and Black Widow Murders, in trying to break her Bewitched image. I appreciate you playing, though. So, it?s your turn.

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From the Queen of the made-for -TV movie to the King--(This actor holds the laurels, he did the greatest TV miniseries of all time and was a famous TV actor)


I loved this portrayal--because it was so cold--


In this TV movie, the "King" plays a butler who seemed to be determined to murder his elderly, rich employer for her money. Based on a true story and co-starred a real life classic movie star.

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After serving in the British Royal Air Force, this author wrote stories of the RAF pilots. He would write over 50 books in his career, earning praise from critics as a sensitive writer. One of his books was made into a British production which aired on Masterpiece Theatre in 1977, about a young lady of whom several men fell in love with, and which also starred a stage actress from a very prominent acting family (as another character) and a future Best Actor Oscar winner. Name the miniseries/ book, the author, the stage actress, and the future Best Actor.


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