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Every pumped up guy who ever won some bodybuilding contest THOUGHT he could make a million $$$ with his body in the movies. Of the many thousands who tried, only one really did it. He is do obvious, I won't insult your intelligence by naming him.


Yes, to some extent, Steve Reeves had success as did Ferrigno. But only one made big bucks off his muscles.

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There is John Heston. Russell Crowe and Kirk Douglas were not exactly Pee Wee Herman. Lets take into account that Lon Chaney Sr was a very physically fit person and consider very strong.

Not having over sized bulging muscles doesn't mean one is not physically fit and admired by women.


Bruce Lee was amazingly strong for his size.


There's now seems to be a trend that muscle men are somewhat out of style in modern films.







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Cox made a commercial for a laundry product called "Salvo." At the end of the spot, there was a reference to the detergent pill as being stronger than one would suspect at which point as a point of comparison, Cox flexed his arm muscle. He did appear to be in quite good shape.

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> {quote:title=Ascotrudgeracer wrote:}{quote}

> Brando, who called Wally Cox one of his best friends, actually said Cox had phenomenal strength; that he could never beat him in arm wrestling and never saw him lose an arm wrestling match. Seems strange, but this is true.



Brando not only spoke like a wimp, he apparently was a wimp.

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