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Thelma & Louise coming on February 22nd at midnight!


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Thanks for pointing out it will be uncut...I never think of that, being a TCM loyal viewer, I *expect* that! I've never seen this film, but assume is must be pretty good since I've heard so much about it. I think both leads are fantastic actresses. (where are they now?)


I hope I'm not disappointed. Just because something is popular most certainly doesn't mean it's up to my stringent standards. But I can still hope!

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I think you will enjoy it. Interesting feminist film (without being polemic).


Incidentally, some years back someone created a stonewashed poster for the film that purposely evoked those made by studios during the classic Hollywood era. If someone can track it down and post it here (Kyle?), it would be appreciated.

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I know, it seems to be a general rule of some sort that in the mornings, most movies showing are older ones, generally black and white, you very rarely see any of the newer movies playing on TCM during the day, then afternoon and night is pretty much a free-for-all but night is usually when the more recent ones do get shown.

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I recorded it while I was away and squeezed a viewing in yesterday.


It started out very strong (aren't you supposed to be repelled by a rape scene?) but seemed to peter out very near the end. In fact, I ff through a few scenes that were just footage of the two driving set to some dumb country song.

Although the situations were a bit over-done, I enjoyed the depiction of how badly some men treat women and how women are expected just accept it. I definitely cheered when they blew the guy's tanker up because he wouldn't apologise.

I did find it interesting however, Thelma knew they should go to the police right at the beginning but was talked out of it by jaded Louise. Interesting they continued to be victimized by men from their own stupidity (the Brad Pitt charactor) yet adopted his methods by robbing the store. Overall, they never rose above but just accepted their lot in life.

Not really powerful or feminist, but they were depicting traditional southern women of low education. I did notice the costume evolution from the beginning (fluffy flowered feminine) to the end (tight fitting biker type wear)

Both leading ladies were so gorgeous, I never stopped enjoying watching them. I'm glad I saw it but won't ever have to see it again. But I'm SO GLAD TCM broadcast it uncut so I could see it in it's entirety.

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