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New Game: Name the "Johnny"

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...lemesee if I got this right...


*Johnny Guitar* -- 1954 title role for Sterling Hayden




Johnny Appleseed -- voiced by Dennis Day in Four Fabulous Characters on *Walt Disney's Wonderful World Of Color*


...that how it works?

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Ooops! I guess you did! Sorry. The name of the character and the name of the movie are the same. I see it now (I'm not familiar with the film). Again, thanks for playing :).


Bravo cmvgor! You're really on the ball. You named a "Johnny" character you remembered from a movie with a different name. Picking up a movie dictionary and turning to "J" may be within the parameters of the game, but it's too easy.

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Film Aff- you might want to reread my post. I certainly did post the name of the film. Henry Silva played the role of Johnny Cool in the film *JOHNNY COOL* . As far as hard core trivia film fans go, you might want to take the advice of posters who've been here a long time and have seen threads come and go and are trying to help newbies with their threads. :)

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Lavender, I did immediately acknowledge my mistake and then apologized to you. What else can I do?


Please don't label me a "newbie." I may be new to this forum but not to message boards. This ain't my first computer. They all work essentially the same and not that difficult to learn the particulars of each one. And I think I can compete with the best of 'em in movie trivia.


I'm sorry if you don't think my thread is appropriate. I'm not here to argue with anyone. As Greshwin wrote and Fred and Ginger sang" "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off." and be friends, okay?

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> {quote:title=mudskipper wrote:}{quote}


> Hey, no sweat. When you run out of Johnnys you can start with Name the Fred...


> Edited by: mudskipper on Feb 23, 2011 9:36 PM

...Actually, we can continue the game by moving over into other forms of "Johnny" . I.E.. John, Jack, Jock, Jaques, Ian, Ivan, Giovanni, etc, etc.

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