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Singing in the Rain dress


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I'm hoping you guys and gals can help me out. I would love get my wife a dress just like the one that Debbie Reynolds wears in the Good Morning scene. Would anyone have an idea where to look for something like that. Google has not been helpful thus far.



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This request can be sort of tricky to figure out. First off, the dress you?re interested in was designed by legendary Walter Plunkett. Your best bet is to try and track down what you need by way of his name and try and see if a connection to the motion picture and his work can be made. Walter, like many other designers in Hollywood, made clothes and garments outside of the movies. There just might be a pattern of that dress available from his archives. I would check with the UCLA film library. It?s the best place in the world to hunt down items pertaining to somebody noted who worked in motion pictures. You will at least be able to know where you stand on getting somewhere.


Another possible outlet would be a designer that specializes in recreations of Hollywood costumes. They are around and it may be expensive, depending upon availability of the original patterns and probably materials. Many classic outfits worn by the stars in various films have had their fair share of being duplicated, such as Marilyn?s famous white gown from ?The Seven Year Itch? as designed by Bill Travilla that is readily available. Perhaps as famous was the white party dress that Liz Taylor wore for ?A Place In The Sun,? designed by Edith Head and was later on sold for years everywhere. It just might be best to contact someone where you live that can recreate the outfit by simply watching the film and perhaps getting as best an idea that would satisfy your taste.

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