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CBC Movie Gone (For Now)


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The CBC has replaced it's late night film with reruns of The New Dr Who and it's sequel Torchwood. However, they will show a movie after the late night hockey game, (this week it's Double

Idemnity.) Lately they've been repeating at lot of titles, mostly modern films, (which I like but is

of no interest to many people on this board.) Maybe they''ll bring it back in a few weeks.

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Canada and the CBC do have alot going for it, but truth be told I'm from the Detroit area. The CBC

is part of my cable package. I've been watching it all my life, (though I never got into The Friendly Giant or Mr Dressup.) Basically I'm a fan of any station that shows an obscure late night movie like the CBC did, ( and maybe will soon do again.) TBS does show a film at Three AM, but they were in theater two and a half years ago and not a interesting.

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I live in Niagara Falls, New York and we've always received CBC and CTV (We used to get Global and CHCH out of Hamilton as well). CBC is probably the prime reason that I've been a Maple Leaf fan since the early 70's. However, the picture quality on that channel has always been sub-par. The other Canadian channels we receive(d) are fine. Any ideas why this is?

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Hah ! The CBC website just happens to be my home page when I turn on my computer. Here is a link to it:




If you want to send them comments or suggestions or questions, there are several ways to do it. Try clicking the "Community" tab at the top of their page.


I rarely have trouble receiving the CBC television signal, so if anyone's having trouble with that, don't know what that's about. However, I sometimes have difficulty getting their radio signal clearly. I don't think they have a very strong signal, compared with commercial radio stations. Maybe the same thing applies to their television broadcasting signal in some areas.

I recommend anyone who can get it to check out CBC's radio progarmming, especially their mainly "talk" station, CBC 1. They often interview people in the movie business, particularly on the show "Q".

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