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Game: Name the fictitious place, name the movie

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The clue must be a fictitious place, the answer is the movie it was in. The fictitious place can be a town, country or a homestead. I thought of it last night while watching a TCM movie. If the clue were either "Peckerwood" or "Upson Downs" the answer would be *Auntie Mame*. (Beekman Place wouldn't qualify because it's real). After reading the clue, post the name of the film. For "extra credit" you may also include an actor and/or character names associated with the place, but that's not required. Then, if you like, post another clue for the nest person to answer.


For example: if the clue were "Manderley" the correct response would be simply "*Rebecca*," "Maxim de Winter's estate in *Rebecca*," or "Lawrence Olivier's character's estate in *Rebecca*." All are correct.


Another example:

Clue: Carvel

Answer: Andy Hardy's hometown (in any Andy Hardy movie).


I'll post a few to get the ball rolling. Hope you like this!


Clue: Ranchipur

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Hmmm, there may be a town named "Sand Rock" in *Them!* (I've never seen it), but I was thinking of *The Harvey Girls*. That's the make-believe town Judy Garland came to as a mail-order bride but became a waitress instead. Since you took the effort to think and answer, we should go with "Crow Crag" for the next place. I don't know that one, but someone here must. I'll think about it... Thanks for playing!

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"(Character name) rides into the town of Presbyterian Church under a lowering sky, dismounts, takes off his buffalo-hide coat, puts on his bowler hat, and mumbles something under his breath that we can't quite make out, but the tone of voice is clear enough. This time, he's not going to let the bastards grind him down..."


...The opening of a prominant critic's commentary on this film.

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