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To Have And Have Not question


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*"I just read in some trivia book that a very young Andy Williams dubbed Lauren Bacall's singing voice in films. Does anyone know if this is true?"* - TikiSoo


It looks like it is true - to a certain point. And depending on who you listen to.



Lauren Bacall -

(Reprint of interview in Premiere Magazine, 1996)



*Is it true your singing voice was dubbed in To Have and Have Not by Andy Williams?*

Supposedly he dubbed one note. But he didn't dub a whole song, because I know how many times I recorded those songs. You can just listen to it and know it's me. It's possible he dubbed one note, but I don't know which one. A higher one probably.



Andy Williams -

(Interview in U.K. Newspaper, 2001)



In Williams's mid-teens, the boys found work in Hollywood. Williams's first recording was backing Bing Crosby for "Swinging On A Star". Then, I prompt, you dubbed Lauren Bacall's singing voice in To Have And Have Not.


Williams grimaces slightly. "I did, but I wish that had never been written, because she came out later with a book that said... Well, they eventually took me off the track because it didn't sound enough like her."


It would've seemed strange, hearing your voice coming out of a woman's mouth. "But it really happened. I was at Warner Brothers being in a movie with my brothers - we were always two soldiers or something - and I went in to get permission from the head of the music department to go play baseball, because I'd done my schoolwork. His back was to me, and I called, 'Mr Chambers, I'd like to...' and he turned and said, 'That's the voice I've been looking for!'. I was 14, my voice was rather high for a man, but slightly low for a woman. So they took me over to a sound stage - huge screen, Lauren Bacall's face on it, she was beautiful. First movie she ever made. I looked up, and her lips were moving. They said, 'We'll start again, and you sing along'.


"I think they used it in previews. But there was one line they dubbed in that she actually said: 'Who can tell?'"


He sings the bar now, softly: "'Maybe it happened this way/ Maybe we really belong together but, after all/ How little we know... Who can tell?' She said the line she spoke didn't match. Bacall apparently didn't sing well enough to get her through the whole song, but they clipped single lines together and I assume that's what you hear now. Still, it makes me look as though I'm saying something that isn't true."




Kyle In Hollywood

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That post reminded me of "My Fair Lady" where ALL of Audrey Hepburn's singing was dubbed over by Marni Nixon. When I watched the restoration documentary of "My Fair Lady", they found the original recording of Audrey Hepburn. They played "Wouldn't it be Loverly" and there was nothing wrong with it at all, matter of fact I think she sang great.


If the producer or director thinks that her voice doesn't have the "punch" they wanted, all I can say is that's why they have those controls on the mixer control board, the idiot.

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