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Help Looking for this movie


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I have to find the name of this movie it is driving me crazy. I will give a quick snyopsis


A pilot is in a plane he is the only one alive. He contacts a girl on the radio and they fall in love. All the soldiers are arriving in heaven and they notice he did not show up, next he ends up on a beach finds the girl but an angel is sent down to bring him back. He wants to stay so he has a trial in heaven and a doctor who believes his story dies in a motorcycle wreck and is chosen to argue his case with heaven. It shows people going to heaven on an escalator the angle is fairy like and I think it was colorized. A cheezy movie but I liked it and I can't remember the name. It was like between heaven and earth, lost between heaven something like that. It is a British movie no gig stars and 3 main actors. PLEASE I need help finding the name Please someone has had to have seen it. My email is turkey100@aol.com HEEEEEEEEELP MEEEEEE

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