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Looking for movies featuring pretty ladies dressed in beautiful gowns ! :-D


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Dear TCM fans,


My name is David Henrotay, I'm from Brussels, Belgium (you know, the country that just beat the world's record of the biggest number of days without a government, moving Irak 2nd place... ^^;;;). I'm brand new here so please bear with my eventual clumsiness regarding english which isn't my mother tongue, while french is... :-)


I'm a fan of many things, along with old movies. Over the years, TCM Channel being broadcasted here in Brussels via cable or satellite, has offered me many pleasant moments of cinema and develloped my knowledge of passed and current actors I never or barely knew. I am really greatful for all that... Thank you, TCM... ^^


I have a question for you, fans. I'm looking for vintage movies, in which period gowns are predominant. The 18th and 19th centuries is my period of predilection. So far I have found a nice bunch of them, but I'm looking for more, and that's why I'm adressing my request today. Here is a list of movies where so far I've found what I'm looking for : gorgeous ladies dressed fabulously ! ^^ :


*1933 - Little Women*, with Katherine Hepburn

*1934 - Madame du Barry*, by William Dieterle

*1936 - Camille*, with Greta Garbo

*1936 - The Great Ziegfeld*, with Luise Rainer

*1938 - The Toy Wife*, with Luise Rainer

*1938 - Marie-Antoinette*, with Norma Shearer

*1938 - Jezebel*, with Bette Davis

*1939 - Juarez*, with Bette Davis

*1939 - The Old Maid*, with Bette Davis

*1939 - Gone with the Wind*, with Vivien Leigh

*1942 - Reap The Wild Wind*, with Paulette Goddard

*1944 - Meet me in St-Louis*, with Judy Garland

*1949 - Little Women*, with Margaret O'Brien

*1949 - Madame Bovary*, with Jennifer Jones

*1955 - The Glass Slipper*, with Leslie Caron

*1958 - Gigi*, with Audrey Hepburn

*1976 - The Slipper and the Rose*, with Gemma Craven

*1985 - North and South (the series)*, with Terry Garber

*1994 - Little Women*, with Winona Ryder

*1995 - Angels and Insects*, with Kristin Scott Thomas


This is a non-exhaustive list of what I've found so far. I'm convinced there's a lot more of these old (or eventually more recent) movies featuring pretty ladies wearing beautiful crinoline gowns and alike... Southern belles, brides, princesses, queens, marquises, etc... Any category is ok as long as they're drop-down-gorgeous in the crinoline gown generic type... For me, it is feminity as it's best, in one way... ^^ Can anyone help me out ? That would be very kind of you... Thanks a whole lot and have a very nice day, folks ! ;-)



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Hi, we are happy to have you here.


A newer movie might be of interest to you, titled ?Girl with a pearl earring?. That?s mostly 17th Century Holland. Lots of good old antiques in the film too.




Barry Lyndon (1975)

The Scarlet Empress (1934)

A Tale of Two Cities (1935)

That Hamilton Woman (1941)

Desir?e (1954)

Green Dolphin Street (1947)

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*Anne of a Thousand Days*, *Taming of the Shrew* (Fairbanks and Pickford and Burton and Taylor) and *Swashbuckler* .


*Sense and Sensibility*


*Elizabeth* and *Elizabeth: The Golden Age*


*The Sea Hawk*


*Fire Over England*

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Some of the best and largest photos of movie stars in costume are on a website known as: doctormacro.


You can go to the main page:




and then click on ?Galleries? at the top of the page, then click on the movie star?s name for a selection of photos. You can go through the alphabet for different lists of names.



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Pretty ladies in beautiful gowns you ask?


That's a tie in my opinion (I always begin with "in my opinion," others may see it differently and their views just as valid): You can't go wrong with any movie starring Gloria Swanson or Kay Francis! Both actresses were fashion icons considered the epitome of chic. Audiences saw them as the personification of Hollywood glamor and often went to their films to see their wardrobes more so than their performances. Swanson and Francis definitely had the highest wardrobe budgets, on and off the screen, of any actresses before or since. Both were widely copied and both set fashion trends that swept the entire world.

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Hello FilmAficionado and thanks for your interesting answer... :-) You're absolutely right to say that everyone's entitled to have his or her own opinion. I have to tell you I have tested the two stars you told me about, my own way, looking for what "shakes" me for the moment, stars dressed in beautiful gowns (crinoline gowns, if possible). Do you ever use Google Images ? That's what I use for a starting point. All at once it displays to me a very big concentration of shots which I can then pick into, choosing whatever images suit me best. That's the method I applied to Gloria Swanson and Kay Francis. And here is my personnal opinion : although you're right, these two are both undeniably very nice looking, I didn't find what I was looking for from them. It seems neither of them ever wore crinoline gowns (whether historical or not) in their movies. I'm aware that this quest of mine isn't very important, as opposed to any of these star's careers and works. But stars in crinoline gowns and/or petticoats is what moves me for the moment and that's why I'm looking for movies were they appear that way. But I thank you once again for having taken the time to answer me. Best regards. David ;-)

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there is a little known flick, Romance, that starred Garbo, in 1930 and she was in fact nominated for best actress (twice in the same year, the other is for Anna Christie) needless to say if you want to see a lovely lady beautifully dressed, TCM should play this film, in fact it started a craze for ladies' hats- check it out, in fact Warner has just remastered this gem, it is a feast for your eyes!

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