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Favorite James Stewart roles


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James Stewart was truly the gentleman of the screen in his day. Many people say that they haven't seen a Stewart film they never liked. Maybe it was because he went beyond acting and personified the average person so well. He definitely deserved more then his one oscar for "The Philadelphia Story", but atleast he has the honor of being nominated four other times. Here's a list of my favorite Stewart films, granted it's hard to do that! I'll keep it to 15:)


Mr.Smith Goes to Washington

You Can't Take it With You


The Man Who Knew Too Much

The Mortal Storm

It's A Wonderful Life

It's A Wonderful World

The Stratton Story

Vivacious Lady

Thunder Bay

Broken Arrow

Winchester 73'

The Spirit of St. Louis


The Shop Around the Corner


I didn't know it was so hard to pick just 15...their all good!


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Phoebe, Shop Around the Corner was the first movie I saw him in too! (We MUST have esp, or something)


My favorite roles of his were probably in:


Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Another Thin Man (maybe it's The Thin Man returns! Sorry I can't remember at the moment!)


You Can't Take it With You


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Yes, its the movie "After the thin man Jimmy Stewart's

first movie role one of my favorites because he plays

*******spoiler******* the murderer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also i agree with Mongo Northside 777. It's a classic

best film of stewart's had me on the edge of my sit the

end of the film about enlargement of the photograpy is

it or isn't it? riveting to say the least and of course

"Harvey" that film was made for him no one else could have done it better no way!!!! lolite.

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A seldom-seen Stewart favorite of mine, his first speaking film role, is in ART TROUBLE (1934), a Vitaphone short subject starring Shemp Howard and Harry Gribbon. It's hilariously bizarre to see Stewart and Shemp engaging in a Stooges-style slapstick slapfest with each other!

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My first choice would be "Harvey", which I love as dearly as I love Cary Grant's "Arsenic & Old Lace". And, back to Stewart, I like him in "The Spirit of St. Louis", "Flight of the Phoenix", "Strategic Air Command" (can you tell I love aviation movies?...and Stewart was in the Air Force in real life), "It's A Wonderful Life", "The Cheyenne Social Club" (perfectly teamed with Henry Fonda), and "The Glenn Miller Story". I know that he was great in all of Hitchcock's films, but I just couldn't quit cotton to him playing those kinds of roles for some reason. :)ML

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Definately IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE and THE GLENN MILLER STORY. Liked him also in MR SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON. Jimmy Stewart was an extremely flexible actor, even appearing in a musical with Eleanor Powell, BORN TO DANCE, in 1937 (or so). All of his roles are commendable.

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I have some free time on my hands tonight so I have been reading some older posts and learning a lot about Hollywood, movie stars, and film trivia. What a wonderfully informative web site this is!

Anyway, as most probably know I am a huge Jimmy Stewart fan and when I found this post I just had to add some of my favorite movies to this list. I also love the movies already mentioned and highly recommend all of them. Another thing I wanted to mention is that May is a great month for catching some legendary actors on TCM on their birthdays such as Henry Fonda, John Wayne and James Stewart. May 20th just happens to be James Stewart's birthday. TCM will be showing some of his films so be sure to catch them!



Some of My favorites are (and its so hard to limit this list):


Carbine Williams- About the invention of a new rifle. I first saw this movie on TCM with my father-in-law. It was a wonderful movie that isn't often aired.

playing on TCM at 12:PM 7/16


Rope- My favorite Stewart/Hitchcock film

I think this movie is so underrated but I will stop and watch it every time it's on. It is also very disturbing.

Playing 2:30PM on 6/15 and 4:30 AM on 6/24


Rear Window-This movie is perfect for him because he has such control over his facial expressions. Such an ability to show you building terror/doom. There have been a couple of roles for him where he has gone from calm and then all the way to manic in little bits. In this film he is bound to a wheel chair and you really see his acting ability come through. When he is curious you know he is curious, when he is scared you know it by his wonderful talent.

Playing on 6/23/05 at 9:30PM and 7/3 at 4 PM


I also fell in love with him in :

The Shop Around The Corner- It is all the doubt and insecurity of a man as he falls in love. That and a musical cigarette case that plays Old Chochonia (SP?) How can you go wrong? This is playing on May 20th 7:30Am


Harvey- I love the idea of James Stewart in a movie with a Pooka. It's a light hearted movie with some very funny moments and a great supporting cast! For a long time I didn't know if Elwood P. Dowd was insane or if the Pooka was real??


I'd also recommend:

The Cheyenne Social Club- Along with Mr Stewart, I love Henry Fonda in this film. He takes care of the women while Jimmy Stewart is busy with business. LOL When you watch it you'll understand.


The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance- This is a great movie with a wonderful cast. I like the way the story is told. It's about an idealistic lawyer headed out to the harsh west. Jimmy Stewart does a wonderful job trying to play a character who stands by his convictions. I also love Andy Devine who plays Marshall Link Appleyard in this film.


The Jackpot- This is just a cute family film along with Mr Hobbs Takes A Vacation. I rarely see these films on a favorite Stewart list ( there are some that are much better) but I enjoy watching both of these movies every now and again.


The Shopworn Angel- a young Jimmy Stewart falls for Margaret Sullivan. He plays a soldier in love going off to fight in a war. I love seeing James Stewart when he was really young. Boy was he adorable!!!


I found it very hard to limit this post but I tried to list some titles that aren't often seen or mentioned and are still great movies for anyone looking to experience the legend of Jimmy Stewart. Especially if you have already seen some of his greatest performances in films like Mr Smith Goes to Washington or It's a Wonderful Life.




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Jimmy is my favourite actor- and i am dying to see more of his films! The Man who Knew Too Much is a classic- and the Philadelphia story.


Thanx for the tips polaris, sounds like youre working for TCM!



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> One of my favorite James Stewart roles is in

> the movie "Call Northside 777" (1948) which is

> also a fine film.


> Mongo



I agree, Mongo. Interesting to think that this film's denouement would be impossible in this day of computer photography and Photoshop, wouldn't it?

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I can't think of a James Stewart film that isn't a favorite.


What's the name of the film in which he plays a scientist who's convinced the plane on which he's a passenger will crack up before reaching its destination?


Oh, and what about the film with Jean Arthur and Lionel Barrymore as her father--they "adopt" people into their home, which Stewart's father (Edward Arnold) is trying to have torn down. I love movies, but have trouble remembering titles.


I love Rear Window. I drive my husband crazy because I watch it every time I spot it on TV.


Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation is another favorite. James Stewart and Maureen O'Hara -- How could you go wrong?

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I love It's A Wonderful Life. I think he gets across so well as the average frustrated Joe who can't get outta Nowheresville. You can just read it all over his face, such great acting. You feel angry when he is angry at Potter,desperation when everyone is after him, the hopelessness when he finds Mary a librarian, and the joy when his lips bleeding again. I think I am gonna go pull it out of my video cupboard and lay down and watch it. Sounds good all over again!

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