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Recent Noir DVD Purchases

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Amazon was crazy enough to extend me credit, and I was foolish enough to take them up on their offer, but at least I'm a happy fool! :)


Recent purchases include 3 volumes of the Forgotten Noir series (great B stuff!), The Thin Man collection (more mystery than noir or gangster, but good stuff!!), The Film Noir from the Studio Vaults Collection, The Bad Girls of Film Noir Vol 1, and the 2nd volume of the Columbia Noir's! Now, if only Fox would make some sets of their noir's, I'll be further in debt!


Oh and again, not so much noir, but also picked up the Val Lewton collection!


I have a lot of viewing to get through!! Anyone else have some of these want to comment?

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hey, mark ! Sounds like you've purchased some good stuff. I'm interested in hearing what's on the "Forgotten Noir" set.

Also Val Lewton? I love him - him and Jacques Tournier, what a team ! Nobody can do eerie, shadowy, scary but subtle like those two !

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Miss Wonderly!

First, Val Lewton totally rocks!!! I'm very happy with this set!!!


Second, the Forgotten Film Noir collection is really hot! B films, some of them with stars like George Raft, but great stuff!!! If you want to explore some B grade noir films, I would recommend any of these, particularly the volumes with Raft!

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recently purchased a copy of MUDER INC. and was pleasantly surprised by just how good this film was. The story is told through the eyes of a man and his wife who were only mildly involved with the mob.Stuart Whitman gives a fine performance as does the incredibly beautiful May Britt, but the truth is that the movie needed neither of these characters. The meat in this film was in the performances of Peter Falk as Abe `kid Twist`Reles and David J Stewart as louis "Lepke" Buchalter. Falk is outstanding as the stone killer Released in one scene he explains his view of life as to merely Take what you want and he does often at the point of an ice pick. David Stewart as Lepke the boss of Murder Incorporated, and to date the only senior member of organized crime to ever suffer the death penalty, with the delicate ulcerous stomach ordering hits while he sips his milk and wafers. I recommend this film and am interested enough in the life of these guys i recently ordered the Tony Cutis film called Lepke

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