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Please join in. BEST PICTURE: "King's Speech" ACTOR: Colin Firth, "King's Speech" ACTRESS: Natalie Portman, "The Black Swan" S. ACTOR: Christian Bale, "The Fighter" S. ACTRESS: Melissa Leo, "The Fighter" DIRECTOR: Tom Hooper, "King's Speech"

Hit 18 for 24 last year. Please give 2 cents THANX

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Sure. I think Best Actor = Colin Firth (yay!!) and Best Actress = Natalie Portman (boo!!)


I'm not sure about picture, but I think it's between The Social Network and The King's Speech. Although my pick would be Toy Story 3, no one respects animation, so it'll be either of those.


Director is probably Social Network's director.


Screenplays are tough to figure, so I'll just say probably the best picture winner will win one of them, and I hope Toy Story 3 wins! :D


I'm a mega nerd, so I'm actually more interested in the technical awards. THat's why i watch the show. :) I want to know who's going to win sound mixing or cinematography or costume design.

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I mean no disrespect to this thread's subject matter nor the person posting the thread. This is the only thread which comes close to what I want to speak on.


I want to thank the Academy or whatever power which is in charge of naming the hosts for the Academy Awards broadcast. I have always wondered why the host could not be a person under the age of 35. With so many up and coming actors and actresses after all these years Anne Hathaway and James Franco will be given a chance to change the Academy's and the public's thinking of who should host the Academy Awards telecast. Here's hoping Ms. Hathaway and Mr. Franco do an excellent job in trailblazing a new beginning for the Academy Awards broadcast.

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I predict *The Hurt Locker*.


After all, you did title thre thread "20l0 OSCAR CONTEST; PREDICT TOP WINNERS!!!" :-p


(Yeah, I know they're giving out the Oscars for movies of 2010, but the dating is almost as bad as how early in 2010 the 2011 car models came out, only in reverse. I mean, I hope everybody's stopped writing "2010" on their checks by now.)


Edited by: Fedya on Feb 27, 2011 9:17 PM

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When I saw the film clips for best supporting male actor it looked like home movies. IOh my, but none of the people on that stage could approach the greats, I was waiting for an Oscar for best catering to be presented next.


It seemed like a room filled with family members, and they were passing out awards to each other. They looked like the people where I live all dressed up for TV, no character or movie presence.


1 guy said he had been nominated 12 times, that says it all. It's the same people each year, the same family.


Toy Story 3, I can see in ten years Toy Story 8 will get an Oscar. Good thing for TCM to bring everyone back to reality.

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Well we have a winner! But the "King's Speech" wasn't exactly a surprise, so to the dismay of certain posters, it will be shown on TCM in a very few years celebrating the "31 Days of Oscar".


Hallie Berry was beautiful, selected the Best Dressed at the Oscars.


The Razzie award went to "The Last Airbender", sweeping the worst of everything. Goes to show where 3D is headed. I noticed another bunch of trash advertised last night, "Sucker Punch" and "Mars Needs Moms".


There seems to be a script ripoff of "Skyline" from "Battle Los Angeles". I think we are getting sick of seeing these "A Thousand Ways to Invade Earth" movies. Theme is done, put a fork in it.


Cate Blanchett, the worst dressed


If there was a Razzie award for city ordinances, that would go to Savannah, Georgia where Girl Scouts can no longer sell cookies in front of founders home. LOL!

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Last Airbender's awfulness goes well beyond obsession with 3D. No I didn't see it but I read enough about it and knew almost from the get go it was going to be horrible when I heard the changes they were making to the story and the cast they chose.


I loved the TV program it was based on and you couldn't take something so wonderful and turn it into something so horrible.


Edited by: Kinokima on Feb 28, 2011 8:06 AM

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