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My all time favorite is from "*The Seven Year Itch*." It's the scene where Tom Ewell is arguing with Sonny Tufs. Tom refers to what he says is a girl in the bedroom and when Sonny asks who she might be, Tom replies: "*For All I Know, It Could Be Marilyn Monroe*." Of course, it was the real Marilyn in the bedroom!


Pehraps the most famous is from "His Girl Firday," It's one quote that has become part of Hollywood folklore. It's when Cary Grant refers to a guy by the name of "Archie Leach." Well, just about any diehard movie fan knows who the real person was and later on became so famous.


From "On The Town," Gene Kelly brags about his womanizing and then Jules Munshin says, "Listen to Mr. Particular . . . Who's Waiting In New York For You? . . . Ava Gardner?" Well, standing right next to Jules was none other than Ava's real boyfriend, Frank Sinatra!


In "The Road To Utopia," Bob Hope says of Bing Crosby's voice, "It's Just Right For Selling Cheese!" This was in reference to Bing's radio show that most everybody knew was sponsored by Kraft Foods!


In Billy's Wilder's comedy, "One Two Three," Jimmy Cagney stole a famous line from the classic gangster film, "Little Caesar." He simply repeated it: "Mother of Mercy, Is This The End of Rico?"


Jack Lemmon's most famous movie quote is when he tells Tony Curtis, who is impersonating Cary Grant and says: "Nobody Talks Like That!"


There are so many movie quotes to choose from . . . :D

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That reminds me of Betty Grable in *How to Marry a Millionaire*. She is in a cabin in Maine and the radio is playing. "Good ol' Harry James," she sighs. When asked how she knows, she responds, "How do I know it's Harry James!? Because it IS Harry James!" Grable and James really were married and the song playing is Harry James.

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> {quote:title=FilmAficionado wrote:}{quote}

> But how many know she is referring to an airplane? In 1950, automobiles did not yet have seatbelts.


I did not know that! Fun bit of trivia.


One of my favorite lines from a movie is Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Dolittle in My Fair Lady: "Come on Dover, move your bloomin' arse!" Makes me laugh every time, lol.


Another everyone knows is "Don't let's ask for the moon, we have the stars" from Now, Voyager. It was somehow a letdown for me when I saw the movie for the first time and heard that line. Very romantic and all that but I wanted them to have the moon!

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> {quote:title=FilmAficionado wrote:}{quote}

> Mary Astor once said:


> "There are four phases to an actress' career:

> 1. Who's Mary Astor?

> 2. Get Me Mary Astor!

> 3. Get me a Mary Astor type.

> 4. Who's Mary Astor?"


Is somebody asking for me? I'm afraid I won't be available for some time, I'm working on this detective story with Humphrey Bogart, something about a jewel encrusted bird and a fat man...

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