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help me find this movie


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Hello out there,

I am look for a movie don't know much about it or who is in it but the little i do know I hope someone can help. I will give as much as I know....... It was a family of 12 kids 6 boys and 6 girls I think is two parts to the movie. not sure. Movie starts with the mother a the last kids graduation she daydreams back to where it all started. The dad worked real hard for the family they would go to the beach as a family girls would get upset because they couldnt wear the new bathing suits. One part the dad passed away but he had told his wife that he wanted every child to go to college. i think they had a family business she began to run to keep money in the house she had done should a great job she got award and was invited to a club to recieve it. She get to the place to get her award she couldnt get it because she was a woman and it was a men only club she was so mad she got her car and ran into a tree. The kids goes to see her and the doctor seeing their mom falls for the oldest girl she push and push him away be she fills that she has to stay home and help out with the rest of the family. i know its not much and maybe even hard to understand but i really want to know the name of that movie.

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The movie is called *Belles On Their Toes*:




It's actually the sequel to *Cheaper By the Dozen*, and they are a couple of wonderful little movies. TCM has shown CBtD, but I haven't seen BOTT in a long time. Neither is scheduled for the foreseeable future, but maybe before too long they will be shown.

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