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Favorite James Stewart roles

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James Stewart was truly the gentleman of the screen in his day. Many people say that they haven't seen a Stewart film they never liked. Maybe it was because he went beyond acting and personified the average person so well. He definitely deserved more then his one oscar for "The Philadelphia Story", but At least he has the honor of being nominated four other times. Here's a list of my favorite Stewart films, granted it's hard to do that! I'll keep it to 15:)


Mr.Smith Goes to Washington

You Can't Take it With You


The Man Who Knew Too Much

The Mortal Storm

It's A Wonderful Life

It's A Wonderful World

The Stratton Story

Vivacious Lady

Thunder Bay

Broken Arrow

Winchester 73'

The Spirit of St. Louis


The Shop Around the Corner


I didn't know it was so hard to pick just 15...their all good!


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and I'll go with the following as my favorite Stewart roles in films:


Call Northside 777

Anatomy of a Murder


The Shop Around the Corner,

It's a Wondeful LIfe [sure it's corny but he is great!]

Destry Rides Again

The Philadelphia Story

Bell, Book and Candle


I have an obsession about Vertigo, which I've seen around 25 times, and he is wonderful with Novak in that film.


I may have to disagree with you on one film. Being that I am kind of a fan of Charles Lindbergh, I found Stewart a bit laughable in The Spirit of St. Louis, being that he was way too old to play Lucky Lindy. Other than that it is a decent film and so is his portrayal.


Viva, Jimmy!



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I have to also vote for SHOP AROUND THE CORNER for the exact same reason as someone else--he was incredibly sexy.


I also liked him in a very small 1936 role, WIFE VS. SECRETARY. He played Jean Harlow's young boyfriend. He said that in one scene, he had to "make out" with beautiful Jean, and they had to do take after take! He said he was very embarassed, but Jean, was very nice!

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If I had to choose only one favorite actor in the whole wide world, past or present, it would be Jimmy. So, I love this thread! thanks Vertigoman.


Most of my favorite Jimmy roles have already been mentioned, but since you asked....


In no particular order:


*IAWL - George Bailey -- okay, okay, that would be number one : )


*The Mortal Storm (A bit melodramatic, but oh-my-gosh, what a treasure. I had actually taped something else, but was lucky to find this on the same tape.)

*Anatomy of a Murder

*The Glenn Miller Story

*You Can't Take It With You

*Mr Smith Goes To Washington

*Mr Hobbs Takes A Vacation (I love the part in the boat, with his son)

*The Philadelphia Story (Of course!!)

*The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

*The Shootist

*Rear Window

*Bell, Book & Candle

*Call Northside 777

*Shop Around The Corner


I'm ashamed to admit this, but I finally saw Vertigo from start to finish, just a couple of weeks ago. He was excellent, as usual, but I can't count it (yet) among my favorites.


Also, I may be from St. Louis, but I find Spirt of StL hard to sit through. Jimmy was fine, but I thought it was overlong.


Aside from that little complaint, I don't think he made one stinker. James Stewart was definitely a 'rare breed'.

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"Harvey" is one of the movies I put in if I need cheering up. It works every time. I think Jimmy Stewart is just perfect in most anything he does but this is my favorite, followed by "Its a Wonderful Life" and "Call Northside 777".

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Has anybody see Jimmy in the great biopic "Carbine Williams"?? I taped this off TCM awhile back and really liked it. It's not on video or DVD. If you get the chance to watch this, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Excellent Flick

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How can I choose....


You can't take it with you

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

It's A Wonderful Life

After the Thin Man (playsDavid Graham)

Destry Rides Again

The Man Who Knew Too Much

Mr. Hobb's Takes A Vacation

Made For Each Other



I haven't seen It's A Wonderful World yet, but would like too...has it played on TCM?


Tabitha in Tucson

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It's a Wonderful World has to be my favorite James Stewart film. Steward and Colbert are wonderful together. Especially loved the scenes with Stewart disguised as a boy scout --complete with coke-bottle glasses--tramping awkwardly through the woods.


This is another one of the movies which I found on television late one night when afflicted with insomnia. Man, was I happy I couldn't get to sleep that night!


"I swear by my eyes!"

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No, It's a Wonderful World is a screwball comedy from 1940 (approximately) and stars Stewart as a private detective who's on the run because he's been accused of murder. His leading lady is Claudette Colbert as a rather off-the-wall poet he meets along the way and takes hostage. At first she's afraid of him but gradually falls for him. It's an outstanding film, one of the best things either of its stars ever did. It shows up sometimes on TCM, but not enough.

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