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Required watching tonight: "Baby Jane." Or "But you are in that chair!"

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> {quote:title=hlywdkjk wrote:}{quote}

> *"I'd bet that none of shows more than 20% as many different titles as TCM, in any given month. To say TCM has too many repeats is absolutely ridiculous!"* - VX


> You, I and probably most of the members here know that. But to 'infinite1', the fact that *All ABout Eve* is on twice this month is an egregious affront to the audience and brands us all as complicit because we don't consider it a "problem" or complain about it.


> Oh that _that_ was all one had to worry about in one's life.


> Kyle In Hollywood


And yet you chose to respond to my ridiculous post in your usual smug sarcastic fashion.


How wonderful it would be if we all had as much time on our hands, as you, to respond to things that we consider ridiculous, instead of ignoring them.


I guess you couldn't answer my post intelligently because it was too logical for you to think up another bogus excuse.

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> {quote:title=jbh wrote:}{quote}

> I was not aware that there had been a remake of Baby Jane. I love this movie, and you might be surprised to find that it resembles the lives of many people today. Is the remake available anywhere, or can I go online to view it?


You can watch clips of the Redgrave sisters' 1991 remake on youtube (six in all, I think) but, alas, the movie does not seem to be available in entirety. If you have netflix, it might be on DVD- I dunno.


The (sadly) late Lynn really throws herself in to the Baby Jane role with a fearlessness that must be applauded...I really kind of all-around prefer her to 'Nessa.


I'm gonna chime in that I am with you, oh InfiniteOne (sic?), I am also sick of All About Eve especially as it seems to show up oh-so-often in the 8:00 or 10:00 pm slot.


This Woman is Dangerous an obscure Crawford flick from 1951 that rarely sees the light of day is being aired this month starting at MIDNIGHT! Where's the justice in that? Gonna have to pop some Vivarins to stay up for that one.


Edited by: JonnyGeetar on Mar 10, 2011 7:35 PM


Edited by: JonnyGeetar on Mar 10, 2011 7:37 PM

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But, Kyle, I don't think we can really count All About Eve as airing twice this month. Yes, if we look at March 1-31. But as the first three days of the month were still part of the 31 Days of Oscar, March 3 was really the end of the Feb schedule. And AAE was shown during that final time. This month really kinds of starts on March 4th. So there is only one showing this month.


I am at work and I don't have my Now Playing in front of me, but with 28 days from March 4-31, that would be approximately 300 movies shown. So showing of AAE during this time period equals only about 0.3% of the total movies shown.


Seems like some people are making a brouhaha over something that constitutes 1/3 of 1% of the schedule.


The new board is less than 48 hours old, the bugs are still being worked out, but Infinite1 (no ego in picking that screenname; I guess genuflect2me was taken) and the rest are back on the same old same old.


And as JohnnyGeetar being sick of AAE, that likely came from watching it so many times on Fox. I just noticed one movie is on tonight on their schedule, then another, then the first again, then the second again. And tomorrow night is Friday...where you get to watch the same film three times in a row!!! So who was it here recently said that Fox was much better than TCM?

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