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Once again, all month long the monthly schedule hasn't been updated. The short films that have been added to the daily schedule are missing from the monthly schedule, and several more films actually aired letterboxed (joy!) when the monthly schedule said that they wouldn't.


The 'Remind Me' pages are still broken in Firefox, still cause navigation problems in all browsers (as detailed in an earlier post), and the message board still kicks me back to the forum index whenever I try to post after being idle for a while.

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I can't believe that it's more than half a year on, and there are still numerous problems with the whole site. Some have been there since the beginning and new ones get tagged on, like the spotty to nonexistent search results that started nearly a month ago.


Who are these people that are working on this? And since they haven't exactly done a bang up job of this whole upgrade, why haven't they been sacked and new people put in place? Who's in charge, for pete's sake?!

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They wouldn't do that. They'd just flag him/her, so that all search results came up *North by Northwest*. :)


I agree there are still old problems, and some new ones. But, there are also improvements. I like the auto save-to-draft feature.

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I have a question.....I joined TCM a couple of months ago but, my home shows I joined 42 years ago, what's up with that?


Any suggestions on how I can either fix it myself or, who to send a request to so it can be corrected??

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Well, we can mark October down as the first month I've ever seen the short films never get added to monthly schedule. Such a shame. Not surprisingly, the November monthly schedule is missing the short films as well, and the December monthly schedule seems to simply not exist. Both the daily and monthly schedules should be getting generated from the same source data, so why in the world isn't the monthly schedule being updated regularly (and probably automatically) like it once was?


All of the other problems I keep mentioning still exist (e.g. forum keeps forgetting I'm already logged in, "Remind Me" feature is broken in Firefox, "Remind Me" navigation problems) and I doubt problems others have reported have been fixed no matter how trivial they would be to fix. Seriously, if you put a remotely competent programmer in charge of the site for like a half-hour most of the bugs reported with the site could be fixed. Instead, TCM seems to be unconcerned about having a web site with broken bits and pieces sticking out all over the place.


Not that mentioning it serves a purpose, but the future air dates are shifted down even further than before on some DB pages now, and the year has been forced down to a new line making a bigger mess of the DB pages and making the giant titles even larger (IS THE TITLE BIG ENOUGH YET?: http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/18210/Tank-Force/). So, it's obvious that the site's programmers are still alive since they keep changing stuff, but it's also obvious that they're more braindead than ever. What a shame. :(

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