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I think it might be a wise move on your parts to bring back the three month schedule block that many users like to see so that they can make copies of the three month schedule for their viewing habits. If you don't I think you might have a mutiny on your hands.


Also when you bring up the current month's schedule, unless you pay close attention nowhere does it say which month you have up and in front of you.


There is plenty of room on the web page to place an indicator of which month is showing at the time you are looking at the web page.


You may also want to visit the General Discussions thread specifically talking about the new format change of the message boards / website.


Thank you,



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I know things have to be revamped every so often but i have to express my disappointment with the changes to the website. Not only do we no longer have the three month schedule for our planning pleasure but the SUGGEST A MOVIE feature is gone or at least is no longer easily accessible. These features are important reasons why many TCM viewers like to come to visit this website. By elminating them, you're giving your fans less initiative to come back to the website again and again and read the other things you have posted here.


Hope you will consider amending the new format.

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Don't know if it's ok to post a TCMDB tech issue here, but hopefully it'll be read and you'll forgive me.


The search works fine, just that the two bars underneath "popular title searches" and "popular name searches" have fonts in colors that almost disappear into the backround fields. You need more contrast for people to see, like such a dark navy blue it's almost black.


Not that I care what's popular, just sometimes clicking on the link is faster than typing the name in, esp if you're not too good at spelling.


Overall, the changes to the forum boards are terrible. The graphics and sidebars are too big, crowding the actual message area. The "online users" count is way too big considering it's not important info. I much prefer the small "welcome TikiSoo" link to my info off to the right, than the redundant and too large "inbox/control panel" link icons inside the box.


And the box outline only feels claustrophobic.

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