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Favorite tearjerker

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Johnny Belinda

Waterloo Bridge

To Each His Own

The Yearling

Best Years of our Lives (not generally considered a tear-jerker but it has certain scenes that qualify it as such)

Wuthering Heights

Dark Victory


Of the above, To Each His Own made the strongest impression as a tear-jerker since it's the first one I saw as a kid.

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The greatest tearjerker ever for me is the passing of Emma Horton (played by Debra Winger) in Terms Of Endearment. The scene where she is laying in the bed saying good-bye to her boys. That scene gets me everytime. The way she says good-bye to her older son... basically letting him know she understands his anger and that he never has to be sorry. Emma is one of my favorite characters in both cinema and literature.


In the book Terms Of Endearment by Larry McMurtry you really get inside her head and understand the full depth of her thoughts and way of thinking... which is kind of funny sometimes. (Like how her father-in-law has such a detached, automaton demeanor, even when he's being nice... that she said she could be "standing in the driveway, arms amputated and bleeding at the elbows, and he would drive up, smile, and squeeze her stump." :P )


And also, in the book, there's a part where she's laying in bed, riddled with pain, and she drops her pain meds on the floor, but she's incapacitated she she can't reach down and get them or even lift her arm to press the nurse's call button.. so she just has to lay there crying and in pain, waiting for the nurse's next round.


It's a moving story, and I think Debra Winger was the perfect actress to play the part. She's been one of favorite actresses ever since. Actually, I think she deserved the Oscar much more than Shirley MacLaine, because I think it's harder to play a complex and sedate kind of character than it is to play someone who is outlandish. Just my 2 cents on Terms. :P;)



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