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Can't find the suggest a movie page.


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*From lzcutter from Renee aka TCMWebAdmin:*


From Renee aka TCMWebAdmin earlier on Friday, March 11th:


Also, to remind everyone:


-Suggest a Movie is coming back, we are working on it

-3 Month schedule is coming back, we are working on it (currently it is 2 months)

-We'll explore an "expand all" option for the Schedule

-We are still working on some design of the Message Boards, so these will be improved over the next few weeks


Changes of this magnitude do not happen overnight. Thanks everyone again for being patient through this process.




And this bears repeating:


*From lzcutter yesterday, March 11 at 10:35 PM*


Considering how much of the overall website has been changed, flipping the BACK switch is likely not an option.


We all hope that TCM Web is listening to our complaints and suggestions regarding the Schedule which has, by far, the most vocal group, followed by the Suggest a Movie fans.


They say they are.


Considering the time and effort involved in the upgrade, going back is likely not an option.


But how TCM works with its fan base to improve the Schedule pages and "Suggest a Movie" as well as these message boards, is likely how TCM will move forward.


So, giving TCM concrete examples of how they can improve not only the Schedule but the way you and everyone else interacts with the entire website would likely be very appreciated.


Just a thought. I understand that people aren't happy and when you read the 11 plus pages of this thread (plus the Tech forum threads), TCM Web has to be aware that people aren't happy.


But at some point, can't we stop with the heaping on of meanness and madness and start concentrate on helping TCM Web fix the sections that matter to us most?


Because the idea of week-end long ranting about subjects that have already been written about ad naseum and for some which TCM is currently working on, is just too scary and bone-weary to imagine.


Edited by: fxreyman on Mar 12, 2011 7:41 PM

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