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Best Opening Credits Ever


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Well, today's a great day on the TCM Message Board, because finally we have a discussion going on what you think and believe, hands down, is the greatest opening credits to any film, ever. Period. Which will it be? There are many. You may state, and change your mind later, as discussion variously engenders.

Ok, I'll start, and invariably state: "Breakfast At Tiffany's," credits brilliantly directed by the heart-tugging Blake Edwards, as he turns the European Audrey Hepburn into his Valentine of an American girl at heart, draped in Givenchy and an Oscar-winning Henry Mancini theme song, all at once, wordlessly. I think so!

Enjoy, and can't wait to hear about your faves!

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Always loved the opening credits "Of Mice and Men" 1939...

Shot of George and Lennie running through fields with armed mob chasing them and leaping aboard a box car on a moving train and slide the door close and credits are printed on door...Wonderful opening .....

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"Walk on the Wild Side" opening titles:


(Sorry, but this particular copy has the main title spoken in Spanish, and the Spanish title seems to be "The Black Cat". The voice is not in the English version.)


This was hypnotic the first time I saw it on the big screen in 1962:



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Dunno if it's the best ever, but certainly one of my favorites is the opening to A Hard Day's Night.

It was on today, so it's fresh on my mind. The mad, frantic pace goes perfectly with the fast tempo of the song and lets you know you are in for a fun, irreverent ride of a movie.

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Saul Bass was king of the opening credit titles. He did *WALK ON THE WILD SIDE*, many of Hitchcock's best openings, several United Artists blockbusters, well, you get the idea.


Here's a few others that I like that, as far as I know, Saul Bass had nothing to do with, but are just as good as his:









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It was either "The Awful Truth" or "My Favorite Wife," and it had embroidered handkerchiefs being lifted from the center to bring on the next board of credits. That was wonderful, too; thanks for the remembrance! I feel bad I can't remember; both are super faves of mine!

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