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What Movies Would You Buy In A Minute That Are Not Out Yet On DVD?

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Most definitely I would buy the 1949 version of The Secret Garden with Margaret O'Brien and Dean Stockwell. This has been one of my all time favorite movies since I first saw it as a child some

40 of so years ago.

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Mr. Cory (1957) Tony Curtis

Paratrooper (1953) Allan Ladd

Northwest Mounted Police (1940) Gary Cooper

Parrish (1961) Troy Donahue this one is out as part of a collector set the balance of which I have no interest in . i need it to be released a stand alone single.

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Im into various genres which include B movie schlock

Amazing Colossal Man

It Conquered the World

Endless Descent

Monster from Piedras Blancas

Beware my Lovely

Incredible Melting Man (USA Region 1 release)


On the Comet

Godzilla 1985

Edgar Wallace Movies that Retromedia used to release (wish I could afford those German versions, but some arent in English)

Colossus of New York

Godzilla vs. Biollante

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*Letty Lynton* and *The Story of Temple Drake* both of which would need to get their rights issues cleared up before this could happen.


But, should that happen, I would be there at Amazon buying the DVDs in a New York minute.

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1. Primrose Path (1940) (the French version that can only be played on a DVD player made in France does not count)

2. Bed of Roses (1933); The Half-Naked Truth (1932); Gabriel Over the White House (1933) These Gregory LaCava classics would combine for the most amazing Forbidden Hollywood set ever released, I would pay large money to get my hands on these pictures in DVD format.

3. Employee's Entrance (1933)---I wish they would do a Forbidden Hollywood volume of all 6 pictures made by Roy Del Ruth in 1933--Captured! influenced all the later POW movies like Grand Illusion and Bridge on the River Kwai, The Little Giant was a very funny gangster satire with Edward G. Robinson at his best, The Mind Reader was a great dark con-man story, Bureau of Missing Persons was an outstanding police drama, and The Lady Killer was an ok if not exceptional James Cagney piece.

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