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Joan of Arc films


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last night i watched these films


the one with Bergman was passable, it was ok in its presentation of St. Joan


the one with Seberg was disrespectful and irreverent to a Saint that many believe in

it was just a horrible film, one of the worst i have ever see, and Richard Widmark, what was he thinking when he accepted the role of the Dauphin???????????????


the silent version is the best, in my opion, what a masterpiece!

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The "Saint Joan" version with Jean Seberg & Richard Widmark, et al, was director Otto Preminger's rendition of a play by Bernard Shaw. That should tell you something.


Preminger was a good director but this movie flopped at the box office.

That said, I remembered seeing both the Ingrid Bergman and the Jean Seberg versions as a kid, and got the two confused. It was nice to get them straight.

A treat was seeing the FULL 146 min original version of "Joan of Arc" and not the 100 minute edited version available on DVD.


BTW, I agree that "The Passion Of Joan Of Arc" silent trumps them both.

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I watched the whole "Joan of Arc" marathon. I very much enjoyed "Le Proces de Jeanne d'Arc" (The Trial of Joan of Arc). But I viewed it more as a docudrama.

For pure visual artistry "The Passion Of Joan Of Arc" was, and still is, a spectacular eyefest.

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I had to google that one.... I don't remember ever seeing it, but it sure looks good.


I doubt we'll ever see it on TCM, but stranger things have happened. A couple of months ago they were airing some TV classics from the *Screen Directors Playhouse* TV series, so maybe *Hallmark Hall of Fame* is not out of the realm of possibilities, but i wouldn't hol my breath.

Amazon doesn't have "*The Lark*" . Not sure where one would locate it????

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I totally agree with johnbabe: The Passion was the best of the four even though it was the oldest. I said so on another thread since I did not think to look for one on this forum.


I did not expect a reverent telling from a Shaw play and Preminger is my least favorite director. Seaberg wasn't that bad an actress but looked way too glamorous for the role. Even Bergman, beautiful as she was, didn't let it get in the way as Seaberg did. The star of Le Proces was also very believable in what I saw until the sandman showed up. I want to see it all the way through.


The hands down winner was The Passion star-I think her name was Renee Maria Falconetti, an unknown to me. She needed no Hollywood enhancement-it was all inside and came out beautifully. I will never forget her eyes. This script also came from the transcripts. Le Proces was second, Joan of Arc third and Saint Joan is good for dart board practice. Even if I weren?t Catholic, it would have been some night.

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