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I sincerely apologize...


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To filmlover, and anyone else I might have offended, I sincerely apologize. And no, I did not mean anyone specifically. I haven't been on this site long enough to pick out individuals. However, the postings seemed so distressed, and I was actually afraid to respond because this person sounds really edgy to me. I don't want to be shunned by this community because I posted an opinion generated by my personal feelings. I have found really intelligent people here, and I so enjoy the conversation. And I do appreciate TCM, I have expressed this several times.


My computer screwed up--I only wanted to apologize once!


Edited by: jbh on Mar 16, 2011 5:45 PM

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jbh, it's true that I do not read every single thread and every single post on these forums. But whenever I have read anything by you, I have found it to be interesting and worthwhile to read. I've never seen the slightest reason for anyone to take offense at any comments you've made. It's too bad you are worried about this - I say, your opinions are just as good as any else's , and I hope you keep on participating here.

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I agree.


Try to forget it. Don't remember it. Don't hold a grudge from day to day.


You biggest opponents on one thread might be your biggest supporters on another. Thats the way the internet is, since we can't see each other. :)

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