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Please help me identify the movie!


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I saw a clip at a lecture a little while ago comparing a certain scene in a movie to Norman Rockwell's painting "Back to Civvies" from 1945. If I remember correctly, the movie was made after this time, perhaps within the couple following years.


The scene in question is of a homecoming soldier. He returns to a suburban neighborhood, to his home. No one is there when he knocks at the front door so he goes along the side of the house, runs into the young neighbor girl, talks to her for a little bit, then goes inside. No one is home, he goes at looks at his things in his old room, then he goes to the family room and turns on the radio for a bit, then turns it off. That's all that was shown of the scene.


I'm so frustrated that I can't remember the name of this film! And I need to know to write a paper. I know for certain the film isnt The Best Days of Our lives, although it was mentioned in the lecture. If you can help me out please do so soon!



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I think the reason CatyHess posted multiple threads is due to a glitch in the website. I ran into the same problem. When posting a new thread, I got an error message. It was not until the third time I posted the thread that I realize that the first post worked.

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I've noticed a number of duplicate posts since the change so I wouldn't blame the sender. Whenever I've accidentally made a duplicate post, I usually click on "edit", delete the original and type in something like "sorry-duplicate post". Just a polite way to let folks know it was unintentional.

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