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Error Message When Starting New Threads

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Below is the Error Message I have received when posting a new thread to the Forums today and last night.

It appears when clicking on the Post Message button and one is expecting to see their post on the stand alone page saying "Your Message has posted successfully. There may be a short delay before it is visible.", etc.


This happened in Gen Disc and in a Film Festival Forum.




Apache Tomcat/6.0.26 - Error Report


*type* Exception Report



*description* _The server encountered an internal error ( ) that prevented it from fulfilling this request_




freemarker.core.NonBooleanException: Error on line 377, column 11 in template/forums/include/tf-macros.ftl

Expecting a boolean (true/false) expression here

Expression (request.getParameter("stqc"))!"" == "true" does not evaluate to true/false

it is an instance of freemarker.ext.beans.StringModel





and it continues for a lot more lines.




I have saved it in its entirety if interested it reading it all.


And I am sure I will see it when I post this new thread to this Forum.


Kyle In Hollywood


I did see it again.


Edited by: hlywdkjk on Mar 17, 2011 7:22 AM

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In order to avoid this repetitive post problem due to the *erroneous post msg*, I now follow your advice and have saved myself a lot of unnecessary frustration.

*BTW, why is this problem not being addressed?*

To my experience it has been present since the recent website DOWNGRADE.


Perhaps, because the UNNECESSARY, UNDESIRED and obviously UNWANTED, by most TCM viewers, Major UnderOverhaul has introduced so many new problems to the website that this issue has been triaged to the very back of the snafu line???....????....???

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