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Simple answer: *TCM Underground*


Longer answer: It's part of *TCM Underground* which has been part of TCM programming for over five years now.

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If I remember correctly, The Boogens was Michael Harris' favorite

movie. That's a bad omen right there.


It's truly a misnomer to call the sludge they show, however entertaining it

occasionally is, Underground. They're mostly just drive-in type tripe, but

that wouldn't make for a good title. Meaning no offense to the cinema

choices of Ethiopians, but how about an update on MREs? Movies Rejected

by Ethiopians.

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I completely agree with you about TCM's use of the term "underground," as applied to the films they show. They show a very few that could be called true underground. For 18 years I was on the screening committee, and worked on programming, for an avant-garde experimental film festival. That's the kind of stuff that was once called "underground films." I would LOVE for TCM to have a regular program of that sort of film. I realize that many would have been X rated, but there are plenty that they could show that wouldn't have been so rated.

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Underground is a slightly dated term itself, but it's still obvious that the stuff

TCM shows has little to do with what most people would think of when they

hear the word. I'm sure the PR types came up with it because it still sounds

like a description of something transgressive, though it's usually just Grade Z movies.

Though it doesn't sound as appealing, a more accurate name might be Crapola Theater

or The Mutated Animal of the Week. By 2am most people likely don't care anyway.

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